Maty’s Corner #8

Maty’s Corner #8

Misfits Shirts at Wal-Mart?

            So I found myself in Wal-Mart at midnight this past weekend.  Never a happy prospect, but sometimes necessary.  Since I was already there I decided to go through the clothing area to see what’s going on.  And something caught my eye, a Misfits shirt.  Yes, it’s an officially licensed real deal, I did check the label. I had a discussion with one of my friends about this. He got in a huff and said “if anything, I’d rather go to Hot Topic.” My y question is what’s the difference between Wally World and Hot Topic?  I mean what’s actually less punk, going to Wal Mart, paying 7.50 for a shirt and under 20 for jeans or (in my case) baggy cargo pants, or going to Hot Topic, paying 20-25 for that same shirt and over 40 for bondage pants that are essentially pajama pants with shiny things on them? If anything I would say that Hot Topic is an outright mockery of subcultures in general.  I would think that living cheap is more in line with the punk ideal than paying top dollar at some sub culture emporium to get that punk by the book style. No, I didn’t buy the shirt, only because they were out of my size.  Any of these corporations only care about profit margins. Even the “ethical” ones have doors to keep open, employees to pay an all kinds of overhead to worry about.  You can’t actually extricate yourself from the system unless you’re naked levitating in the woods and feeding purely off of surrounding energy.  We all consume, I’d rather do it for cheaper.

-Maty Almost

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