7 thoughts on “Black Flag Set To Rise Above With A New Release For First Time In 28 Years

  1. can you give me your opinion of the flag v black flag battle royal and the fact that greg ginn is using “copy write infringement” as a way to either silence the other band members or make a bit of money off them or do you believe he is doing this bc he believes the black flag songs are his personal intellectual property? also, aren’t the bars now trademarked under ginn’s name? do those of us w bar tats need to pay him a royalty for using his art?
    we have discussed this at length in our house and w our friends, but as usual you surround yourself w ppl that think as you do, so we are all in agreement on our stance. i would really appreciate an outside perspective on this one…thanks


    1. Hey Mrs. Supermegadyke,

      Thanks for the question my new friend if I may call you that? I would fit right in with your crew in discussing Black Flag issues, damn I could go all night, haha! Let me just say at my age and back ground I have extensive knowledge of the Black Flag’s history and I plan to write many more articles on things like that. I’ve been trying to get an interview with pro skater Mike Vallely from the band “Good For You” With Greg Ginn and he finally emailed me back because he remembers me skating sponsored in the 80’s. He basically said he’s too busy to do an interview this year, but he will make a statement to me and I’ve yet to write about it, but I’ll let you know anyway. He told me he is now the active band manager for Black Flag and traveling with the band performing in his and Ginn’s band “Good For You” as an opener for Black Flag’s European tour. So Mikey V is sitting on top of the world the lucky fucker.

      To answer your question I’ve inserted some links of my articles and notes at the bottom for your to read and if you could let me know that you did indeed receive them I would appreciate it.

      The thing with Greg Ginn and the whole Black Flag issue is this. Greg Ginn started the SST label at age 12 years old. He is the master mind behind all the fame the band has received over the last 30 years. He is a silent killer that nobody would fuck with, because he’ll kick your ass from here to punk rock China. That’s why no retaliation has occured rather they have if anything made up and come together just to make piece with Greg Ginn, because really they are afraid of him. It’s those quiet smart ones you have to be careful with, the ones that just play the guitar and write all the songs but never say a word. They are the genius ones who invent something special and you just don’t cross them because they are so mentally tough.

      Now Greg Ginn has never liked Henry Rollins attitude and how he handled being the most famous Black Flag member in their history, so yoiu know he’s going to go after him. And part of the lawsuit focuses on Chuck Dukowski, who previously sued Ginn and SST in back in 2007. At the time, Dukowski was insisting that he was entitled to a portion of Black Flag’s revenue because he was still a member of the band. They eventually settled, with Dukowski reportedly agreeing to never perform under the Black Flag name or use the group’s logo for profit and he accepted the money and went on, but he crossed Ginn and that’s was the reason he was pointed out. Keith Morris one time Black Falg singer and singer of the Circle Jerks and Off is not the smartest guy in the world, so Ginn added him for being apart of the band called simply FLAG. No you don’t have to license your bar tattoos and anything like that, because the suit was a flop for Greg Ginn, yep he lost. And as a result they have united and are going to be doing special performances here and their for the fans. They basically see a large sum of money and they just need to learn how to share it and keep Ginn as the boss and father of the band. Unfortunately Rollins ego is a little hurt and he will not be apart of anything involved with the band, bummer, Rollins is the man!

      I hope that answers some questions for you and please read my articles, they are a passion of mine and our site is new with not many readers yet, so spread the word as well, that would be great. Oh hey, were looking for volunteer writers on anything hard core related like band reviews or anything strange and underground related, hell anarchism would fit right in, so if you want some experience on your resume as a contributing writer hit us up, I’m easy to work with, theirs never a deadline or any pressure.

      Take care, love your blog, cheers!


      Articles and research notes:

      Here’s An Article I Wrote In August About The Law Suit That May Answer Some Key Facts You May Have

      Keith Morris And FLAG Played Without Greg Ginn At Moose Lodge And This Pissed Greg Ginn Off

      Here’s My Greg Ginn SST Research Sheet. I Use It For My Black Flag Writings


      1. i will check the links out!!!
        black flag, being one of the most influential bands in punk history, had many many incarnations…but for some reason, this whole deal just rubs me the wrong way! it is a pissing contest type deal w ego’s the size of elephants! rollins and ginn are both punk icons and neither is in pain for any payolla…it’s about who’s who and what’s mine and you sing my songs well i wrote that riff type shit, which is so ridiculous to me!!!!
        this is just my non-musician opinion and how i feel about bands….it is a collaborative effort, when ppl in the band change out, it’s a different deal bc each person brings something new into the mix, you can tell the stylistic differences and the ways that they play together and all that. like when d boone died there could be no more minutemen, ever at all it was gone, but firehose emerged not as good bc d was the shit, still mike and his magical bass…
        i feel like since black flag was BLACK FLAG it makes it more of an issue bc ppl are going to buy their shit go to their shows blah blah blah-it’s a brand. even ppl who don’t listen to punk know about black flag, hell justin stinkin bieber has a shirt w the bars on it!!! rollins pretty much also has the same big pop in so many arenas-spoken word, music, books, he was a freakin gap model!!! ppl love rollins (i am guilty myself of tossing 17 men to the side and piling over a mound of bodies to have him sweat on me at the first lalapalooza in dallas) and will pay to see him. it’s all big money big name feeding big ego…
        now that being said these guys paid their dues. they ate soup out of the can in the back of the van and it is good they are doing well. they can at least eat warmed food.
        man, i like this!!! i could talk all day!!! don’t worry i am letting ppl know about your blog! i dig it!!!
        so up next….chi pig-go!


      2. Wow Gracie, that was very well put and with such a realistic opinion from a fan, a follower and a true believer that, we should all, as the Black Flag song says “Rise Above” from our differences and behave like adults instead of acting as children act who don’t share their toys when their mad. I could add some photos and a video link to your response here and we would have a great review covering the Greg Ginn dispute from an outsiders perspective who’s viewing with their eyes wide open.

        If you think the Black Flag dispute is funny and rediculous, just wait until I am done researching the Dead Kennedys battle royal that’s been going on since 1986 with punk legend, icon, lead singer and song writer Jello Biafra of The Dead Kennedys and his bandmates. Same problem of who’s dick is bigger and you can’t play with my toys anymore. These stupid men who are not getting any younger by the way and are wasting precious time of not only the fans who love their message through music, but also wasting precious time from themselves as well. My article will be coming to a blog near you soon, ha!

        On another note, I was reading a few of your postings on your blog and I see you are an anarchist and proud of it. I have some interesting writings coming soon on this very subject from a punk rockers point of view and I also have some interesting anarchy sites if you are interested in the links for your viewing pleasure. If fact a couple of the sites are on my blog menus right now under the menu titled Misc. Websites I believe, if you want to check them out. And if you have anything to aid my future research for my writings on this subject, shoot them my way if you don’t mind sharing.

        Bye for now and take care Gracie, peace!



      3. and yeah you can call me supermegadyke or grace or cakelee, bitch or triple bitch goddess…any of those will do! and finding a new friend on the internet is Fabulous!!!!!


  2. I’m glad our blog put something out about the new album. I personally found it not to the Black Flag standard. The lawsuit has presently been put to a start and Mike V is the new voice of the band. I’m excited about the next album and forthcoming tour.


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