Getting back on

Maty’s Corner #9

Getting Back On

Over the past few months I’ve been getting back to riding my skate after 4 and a half years off of it.  Been starting to park ride which is a new beast for a punk who’s used to streetin’ it in loading docks and parking structures.  I still feel intimidated by the park in Ripon.  I think the answer is on the days I don’t go there is to hit the loading dock area behind local shopping centers in between park days.  I feel the roots calling me.  I grew up worshipping and emulating Mike V and Mullen.  I think going back to that will help my Boneless of that fear.  Also something to think about for any of y’all out there who are letting something hold ya back from living some passion.  Take care and thrash it!

– Maty Almost.

“Nothing’s too gnarly” –Danny Way

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