My Skateboard Friend And Hero Duane Peters – The Original Skate Punk

Duane Peters And The Great Unwashed

The Master Of Disaster Invented This Trick And  Nobody Dare Do It.
“The Invert Revert”

D.P. Truly A Living Legend And Hard As Nails Though Life’s Trials

2 thoughts on “My Skateboard Friend And Hero Duane Peters – The Original Skate Punk

  1. Hey there. I saw your comment on another blog post about Duane. Have you been in touch with him lately? Any word on how he’s doing??


    1. Yeah, hello nice to hear from a Deets fan. What blog post did you see my ramblings at, just curious? He is in total seclusion with close friend and family, he took a guilty plea just to avoid prison and settle on 5 years probation. He is only in touch with Corey Parks and Jaks and The U.S. Bombs have been chill with D.P. lately. Sad to see the master crash and burn over and over again as a true friend and fan, he’s my hero, so it hurts to watch. This time it was alleged charges, but unfortunately again it was career suicide with all the sponsorship losses. Thanks for the note, hit me back on where you saw a post of mine, if you can spare a minute. Thanks, R. Monday


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