Coming attracions!

As of January 2015 we will have a new writer and column. Dave Grimey’s Punk House. The punk house is situated on Maty’s Corner at the intersection of Old School and Yer Fucked. This will be profiles focusing on the more old school bands to include Discharge, GBH and The Clash. I’ve known Dave for 12 years, he’s as old school and hard core as they come. This will be a welcome and awesome edition to the writing here. If ya like it, awesome! If not, tough.

One thought on “Coming attracions!

  1. FUCK Dave , FUCK Old School and FUCK Maty Almost Famous Amos!

    No, seriously, ya man! Welcome to our island. D-Grimes in the POS Hizouse, bringing more hope to out dope. Dave we are honored to have you on-board this soon to be, runaway fucking punk rock blog train, operation , mission and shit storm business, ha!

    And hey Maty, the blog looks good and so do the words my Irish pal.



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