Maty’s Corner #23 Red City Radio

Maty’s Corner #23
One For The Sons and Daughters of Woody Guthrie:
Red City Radio

Red City Radio started in 2005 out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. These guys are a mix of electric folk punk and melodic hard core. Kind of old Against Me meets Avail with a side of Hot Water Music. Led be the strong voiced Garrett Dale their songs just cut in a good way. I stumbled across them 3 years ago and haven’t been sorry for one second.

Their first release (unsure of the year) was a full length demo titled The Consequences of a Life Worth Living. While being a demo it sounds as solid as any formal release. Right from the get go we are hit by amazing guitars, lyrics with something to say and sing along choruses. All of this backed by a songwriting ethic that rivals contemporaries like Menzingers and Gaslight Anthem.


2009 brought one of punk rock’s strongest EPs since Minutemen’s Paranoid Time. This is To the Sons and Daughters of Woody Guthrie. With an opening track that reminds me of early Strike anywhere. This is less harsh than the initial demo, but doesn’t de-fang the band at all. In fact the melodic increase strengthens the overall sound. The title track off this is what got me into these guys in the first place.

2011 saw their first formal full length, The Dangers of Standing Still. The steam roll of near folky hard driving melodies rolls on through this album. Their sound has gotten noticeably tighter as well. More of the Hot Water Music influence comes though on this album. The whole disc is great. “Together we can burn the fuckin’ city to the ground!”

2013 gave us their most recent release, Titles. This album has a more straight ahead sound, perhaps the band more coming into their own. They show no signs of letting up as this rocks as great as everything they’ve put out. So check these guys out, you won’t be sorry. “I am fucking unstoppable, I am a fucking juggernaut!”
-Maty Almost

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