Flow, not an art form but a life form. A skateboarder’s understanding 

A few years ago a good friend of mine introduced me to the idea of flow. She is a gnarly poi spinner. I spent much time ruminating on the idea itself. I looked at my board and thought how it applies. Everything started clicking. When you’re style is surf skate you’re flowing with you’re environment being one with everything. When you’re gnarly street skate you’re flowing with you’re own wave length against every object yet with each thing’s unique vibration. You’re mind becomes completely clear with the exception of each executive action in each split second. Flow allows you to feel that everything has its own wave length and if you do some form of flow art, you can ride it. You can apply flow to anything. It is a way of living. It has helped my skating immensely. Being empty and in tune at once makes ot feel more natural and more enjoyable. The world around me as I shred through my dirty streets at top speed immediately deciding how to approach what’s in front of me has more movement and vibrancy. I encourage and skateboarders who read this to consider that when they ride. It further individuates how I look at things in the city. Flow opens more possibilities than skill alone. It makes life less daunting. So find your gnar and shred it and flow.

– C Fish

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