Thoughts on Alex Jones

So this week Alex Jones and Info Wars got pulled from Facebook, Spotify, ITunes and YouTube. The liberals are celebrating and the alt-right is melting down. Twitter has opted to keep him. And there’s been outrage at that. Jones is the bat shit crazy guy on the corner with a megaphone. He’s a vile creature. But he has the right to say what he does. Also the sites that pulled him are private companies with the right to refuse service or continue it. So I won’t miss the guy. But it’s an interesting study in freedom of speech.

1 thought on “Thoughts on Alex Jones

  1. It doesn’t matter whether Alex Jones is offensive or not. We are all free to disagree. We are not protected from being offended. But, defamation, slander, and incitement are not protected free speech. Alex Jones has lied to and goaded the most unhinged of his listeners into harassing and violently assaulting innocent people. He has gotten people shot at by his most deranged fans. The companies that have finally dropped him should have done so a long time ago. Anyone crying over Jones’s First Amendment rights should remember that Charles Manson never killed a single person. Reverend Jim Jones never killed a single person. But, they are all responsible for the actions of the people they have convinced to carry them out.


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