Punk Politics #21

Been thinking a lot about Dr. Martin Luther King lately and how little has truly changed in the U.S. MLK, Malcolm X, Fred Hampton. These are 3 black men who were murdered by the United States government for 1 reason. It’s the reason Mumia Abu Jamal and the MOVE 9 went to prison. The reason why Philadelphia bombed and burned an entire black neighborhood over a house that MOVE members were living in. The reason why the African slaves who weren’t worked to death were simply murdered by their masters. They “forgot their place” and challenged the slave holders. In the 20th and 21st centuries the slave holders have simply been the government and this country is the plantation. We see little has changed as blacken are gunned down and choked out by overseers (the original term for officers). We currently have a sitting president who is clearly of a slave holding mindset. Many of our candidates in the election are of the same mindset (Biden and Bloomberg) or culturaly appropriating colonizer  (Warren) or a former cop and professional cop caller (Kamala Harris) who has dropped out. the neo-liberals in the media thinks this is acceptable. They think not changing anything is woke. You have to wake the fuck up first to be woke! In 1967 Dr. King asserted that the U.S. is the greatest perveyor of violence for what we were doing in Vietnam. He wasn’t wrong and nothing much has changed considering what we’ve spent the last 18 years doing in the Middle East. Peace doesn’t come from bombs and justice doesn’t come from police guns
– C Fish