Punk Politics#24

As of 2000 hours on 19, March 2020 a the entire state of California has been put on house arrest by order of the governor in response to the COVID 19 pandemic. Now I know, they call it shelter in place and that the more at risk need to be protected from the less responsible. The problem is that all authority for the most populated state has fallen into the hands of one man. We’re now on lockdown “with the exception of essential trips”. But what is essential? I guess that’s up to the cops and governor. But wait, there’s a large amount of things still considered to be open. Anything leisure is non essential. So many of us can be at work in the day and in your home at night. So what’s really goin on? Now is the time to become the media. Write or stream your story from your unique view. Don’t trust the 1%ers on the news to tell us how it is. Show what’s really goin on. Also make the most of your quarantine. Listen to some stuff you haven’t before. Start the book or craft you kept meaning to. Restore the lost art of conversation and check on yo people. Hopefully by the end of this we’ll still have elections. That’s right, in an emergency situation elections can be suspended.

– C Fish

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