Punk Politics #26

Well after much gnashing of teeth a stimulus bill was passed. It’ll add another 2 trillion to national debt. But fuck it. Regular people and small businesses actually need money right now. Trump again showed how much of a fucking child he is. Wanting social distancing to end by Easter despite the best medical advice. He’s not doing this for the common man. It’s for all his 1% pals. And his “good things happened on Easter. This isyour supposed Christian president who either doesn’t know or care that most of the world recognizes Easter as resurrection. Even the Atheists at least recognize it as resurrection myth. What a fuckwit. Also I’ve seen clear evidence that Anarchism wouldn’t work as people are too fuckin stupid to socially distance in the interest of the at risk and can’t help but horde shit. I thing the late stage American failure we live in has created this level of irrational self interest. Ayn Rand would be proud of you ass hats. All the despair aside, if those of us who know better act better, we can improve things just a little bit. Even if it’s only the space in which you exist, it’s still an improvement.

– C Fish

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