RIP Grosso

Fuck! I’m in absolute disbelief! We lost Jeff Grosso. He’s what got me back into skating after I’d fallen off for a bit. He was the skateboarder’s skateboarder. The definition of skate punk. Grosso had an unmatched love for skate and an infectious stoke. The kind that’d make ya wanna skate on the freeway cause fuck all. This dude has survived heavy addiction, got kicked of 80’s era Santa Cruz for partying too hard. His series was the only true skate history series and I was fuckin thankful for it. He was the most honest voice in skateboarding outside of is hard core weirdos who never went beyond our driveways and sketchy backyard ramps. Skateboarding saved my life and Grosso is a part of that. 2020 can eat a bag of smashed assholes. Fuck this year with a pool deck sideways!

Additional note: This has really fucked me up. Like there’s a deep profound sadness just sitting with me. When I got back into skating after many years off (letting life, injury and bull shit get in the way) and needing something to fill an addictive void the deck I got was a Grosso Anti-Hero. It got me into shaped decks after being raised on popsicles. Since then that has been my favorite shape. And watched every Grosso thing I could for the history like I was taking a class.


4 thoughts on “RIP Grosso

  1. Holy FUCK! Not Grosso!! I am without words. I feel that empty loss like when we lost Jay Adams. This sucks. Another void. What a Legend. Thanks Matt for your excellent tribute to Grosso for all he brought to your life. You’ll always have that.

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    1. Hi Mary-Z, thanks for stopping by to pay your respects to the huge industry loss of one of skateboarding longrst professional careers. Matys tribute was perfectly penned.

      Those of us who knew Jeff personally, will miss seeing his minicing smile, as he dishes out his hilarious pranks, year after year, all hail Jeff Grosso,, thanks and R.I.P.



      1. I think of you Richie & hope you and the Mrs. Are doing ok. Keep in touch more. I’m only an hour away. Love ya & Maty both. I was reflecting on DP watching old The Great Unwashed vids & I recall how lonely & sad he looked at Johnny V’s. I took a pic of him sitting alone looking sad. I worry about him. I don’t want to hear another Legend is lost. Grosso left a huge mark in skateboarding history. So did Jay Boy. They left the world with some great memories.

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      2. I worry about D.P. too Mary. Thinking his next public crash and burn, may be his last, He just needs to stay healthy with turning 60 yrs old is literally right around the corner.

        Yes, Duanes many bands, in my book, are all true to the punk rock & roll message, even his first big band as lead vocalist, “The Exploding Fuck Dolls” always hits so hard, everytime I play it, cant get enough my old friend Deets on stage doing his OG punk thing. Thanks for staring.

        Hey Mary,, correct me if im wrong, but didnt I successfully set you and the M.O.D. up to go out on a blind date many years ago, lol. By all means, please kiss & tell…ha!

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