Punk Politics # 31

Quite a bit has happened. In response to states’ governors deciding when they’ll re open the country. He stated that he has total authority. Um, no motherfucker this is not a monarchy or dictatorship. He then went on to play a propaganda video during the press briefing. This was Trump attempting to paint himself as an actual leader who has had this situation under control. Everytime journalists ask him questions or call him on contradictory statements (some of which occur within minutes of each other at the same briefing) he lashes out like a child calling them “disgraceful” and “fake”. Well folks, the emperor has no clothes and is mentally deficient. Now Trump is defunding the World Health Organization and has threatened to fire his leading health expert. I still question whether or not we’re going to have an election. And Trump has demanded his name appear on stimulus checks which normally would bear the signature of the treasury secretary. This will hold up any paper checks. Ya know, France had an interesting answer to monarchy.

– C Fish

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