Punk Politics # 32

Just when we think the dystopian hellscape can’t get any worse Billy Mase screeches from beyond the grave “but wait, there’s more!” Disney will stop paying at least half of its work force this week. Yeah, the mouse needs his money can’t be bothered to inject personal income to keep himself afloat. Amazon is still leading the charge of keeping the economy powered by human sacrifice. The week after America’s own warlord cut funding from the WHO there’s a very real risk of a pandemic of famine within the next 2 to 3 months. And now there’s medical and scientific concern of a 2nd wave of Covid coinciding with flu season. And I’m sure Pence is titillated by this to fulfill his and much of the evangelical community’s end time kink. Also this past weekend and week the alt-right and infowars mutants have been out in force protesting the distancing measures. Wait, what in the actual fuck? That’s right, people are protesting public health measures duringna pandemic that’s caused mass graves. I mean, I knew that the incestuous white right hand was fuckin dumb, but I expected a sense of self preservation at the very least. The silver lining is that if they get claimed by this disease, then maybe we won’t have to deal with the likes of Alex Jones anymore.

-C Fish

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