Punk Politics #35: Special Report

On February 23rd just outside of Brunswick, Georgia a black jogger was shot and killed by 2 white men on the side of the road. They told the police they thought he was a burglar. No charges have been filed. The NAACP and SPLC through a lot of hard work have gotten the district attorney to convene a grand jury to decide if criminal charges will be filed. So, wait a fucking minute! Georgia, a state with a history of the strange fruit of black me hangin from trees can’t simply say it’s illegal for white men to hunt black men for sport!?! Also an extra legal execution is legit for regular citizens because they “thought he was a robber”. Wven the cops typically have to go to the trouble of falsifying charges better than that with planting evidence. This is the epitome of white privilege! This is the klan lynchings all over again but even worse sonce they don’t have to wear masks or operate under the cover of darkness. In fact, this is a braod daylight lynching. How else do we describe the degree of difficulty to prosecute first degree racial murder in 2020? According to reports the two white males were parked and waiting outside of their truck ahead of where Ahmaud Arbery was jogging. This is setting up a kill zone, this is pre-meditation. We need to let it be known that this is not okay! It’s not acceptable that it happened in the past and it’s not acceptable now! #blacklivesmatter

– C Fish

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