Bad Booze

So this is a list of the 10 worst things I’ve drank and why. In the underground scene, most of us have done unhealthily questionable drinking. This came out of a conversation I had with Aaron Carne’s, the author of In Defense Of Ska since his book mentions Kool Colt 45.

#1 Camo Black. This stuff is like 13 percent malt liquor. It smells like a 7 11 dumpster and tastes homeless, I mean turning tricks in the gutter for crack and sleeping there after homeless.

#2 Night Train. Some jock yelled at me and I beat up his car while I was wasted on this. I wasn’t able to buy it in my town anymore.

#3 Kool Colt 45. It was a mentholated Colt 45. It was so bad!

#4 Aftershock. For years I would get sick at the smell or taste of cinnamon after the time I got trashed off this.

#5 The near and dear Red Dog. This was a strange blend of lager and malt liquor together for $1.35 a 40. I lived on it in highschool.

#6 Lost 5-0 screwdrivers. Lost 5-0 was an orange energy drink and vodka made me overly willing to start shit with Nazis and frat boys. So I was a hyper violent asshole.

#7 Sidewalk slammers. You drink a 40 a little more than half down and dump in a can of Four Loko. Yeah, that goes sideways real quick.

#8 Carlo Rossi. If you wanna feel like you’re gonna die from your hangover and watch your homie pass out in his own vomit after you’ve made complete asses of yourselves, this is the drink for you.

#9 Tequila. I would always travel and pass out in strange places like roofs, people’s front yards or my ex’s porch after slur yelling why we should get back together and it was a good 8 miles from where I started drinking.

#10 Any flavored malt liquor. Really just don’t unless you wanna feel like your skeleton is trying to escape while you vomit.

– C Fish

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