Punk Politics #60

The Supreme Court struck down the eviction moratorium stating that only congress had the power for such an act. There’s a few points to unpack here. First, there can never be justice as long as our courts exist only to be weaponized by the powerful against then powerless. Second, fuck Nancy Pelosi and the rest of congress for not acting and taking a vacation instead! Third, fuck Pelosi again! We all remember the witch queen screeching that the moratorium was the CDC’s job knowing full well she was avoiding the responsibility we pay her for. Fourth, fuck Biden for doing absolute fuck all while his entire reign is the dumpster fire I tried to tell people it was gonna be due to the fact that he’s just a slower Trump. Finally, fuck every mainstream liberal that wants to tell me that us leftists are tearing the party apart. Your party is bullshit. The big blue lie is no fucking different than the GOP. Of they think this garbage is fucking acceptable, than they deserve to be torn apart. We are the power and if we can’t change things at the ballot box, there are other options. #punkvoter

– C Fish

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