Punk Politics #62

So the Rittenhouse verdict came out today. Unanimously not guilty on all charges. This is less than surprising considering that I’m surprised the judge didn’t give him a handy in the courtroom. Also the prosecution definitely phoned it in which is unsurprising as at the end of the day, the judge and pigs are homies with the DA. Then of course Biden crawls out to say that he stands by the verdict and that the system works while saying he didn’t watch the trial. Considering that this segregationist fuck wrote and named a crime bill after himself whose sole purpose was to further white privilege and criminalize being black, this was an expected answer. Then we have not fascists celebrating this and neoliberal fuck boys like Cuomo towing the same line. Fuckin sounded like he was auditioning for Fox. This verdict is fucking disturbing as it has made it okay for white supremacist fan boys to go hunt and kill anyone they disagree with. We should all be very concerned and consider keeping ourselves protected. Had Kyle been black, he likely would’ve been shot by the blue ball pigs instead of a trial which would’ve sent him to the row anyways. Maybe we should abolish the cops and prisons and allow communities to figure it out instead of this armed privilege that we’ve been handed and was just championed by our administration. #fuckbiden #nojusticenopeace

– C Fish

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