Punk Politics #70

Ron DeSantis (governor of Florida introduced a bill to make it illegal to discomfort white people through the teaching of Critical Race Theory. Yes, he is fucking criminalizing anti-racism in the most efficient way possible. The best way to stop racism is to kill ignorance with education. Discomforting white should be a default and a life goal. I propose we use social media to pump CRT and antiracism to as many Floridians as possible. Legislation like this is the new face of the Klan. It’s more insidious as it has more power with which to be irresponsible. If we don’t want this fascism to keep spreading and strangling us, we must fight. You cannot sit on the fucking sidelines. If you’re fence walking, you’re one of them. This is a new Jim Crow. Allowing people to learn the truth and decide for themselves is the next step in civil rights. Sitting by during that era was wrong, now it’s unacceptable as there’s no reason to not know better.

– C Fish

2 thoughts on “Punk Politics #70

  1. “propose we use social media to pump CRT and antiracism ”

    All you will achieve is reaching out to the each chamber. People on the Left and the Right only listen to polarizing statements when they agree with them. It’s funny, I studied to be a Teacher at a well respected college was n Pennsylvania and they never once mentioned CRT. I do believe politics should be taught in class, but it should be done 👍 n an objective manner ( I’m talking about children and teenagers here, not adults) All too often a misunderstanding becomes a dog whistle for the militant white people to show how “woke” they are. I’ll provide two examples

    1. Once while teaching an adult class about Diversity. I mentioned one time where I was at n Pennsylvania be of my Black Friends houses. I was captivated by a picture of Black Jesus. My Friend’s Grandma started busting my balls
    “You never seen a Black Jesus before?”
    Then she added
    ” I feel the same way when I see y’all’s Blue eyed Jesus”
    Several family members teased me about it ( it was all in fun)

    2. One evening I was participating in a Faketybook discussion on a group for people who were living with head injuries. I made the following comment:
    “I’m glad I’m not racist, because I say alot of shit I think now”

    Ok, so #1- I was corrected by two white young ladies for not saying African American. Even though several Black students defended my choice. They were all but called Uncle Tom’s. I was also told that my side story ( we were discussing diversity in our society) was completely inappropriate. They felt I was attacking their beliefs. At that point in my life I hadn’t been in too many black households and this definitely stuck out to me. I was trying to point out that no matter how open minded we try to be, some things have to be experienced.

    #2 I was given a very poor lesson in white privilege. I was also told by over half the class ( only the white students) that I am a racist, as only a racist would say such a thing.
    Side note- I was raised to be racist. And I spent nearly 22 years being exactly that. My first interaction with a black guy that wasn’t hostile happened when my family moved to a town in Maryland called Bel Air
    Richard Pressbury was a very decent, well behaved kid. He played alot of Heavy Metal on his guitar.
    I would love to say that his kindness wore me down.
    It didn’t. I began resorting to what other white people to n the Northeastern United States did- check to see if the coast was clear. It wasn’t until I joined the Navy and met my long lost brother Curtis that my views did a sharp turnabout.
    Curtis and a few others opened my eyes to where they needed to be all along.
    I will go get n record and say that I believe it is just as offensive when a black person uses the “N” word as when a white person uses it.
    I don’t even say the “GAZ”
    Because even when Curtis isn’t there in the room with me, it is still disrespectful to him. And if I were to make any comments about others, it would be disrespectful to my friend

    And any thoughts I have are ignorance rather than racist

    Sorry for the long rant. Please don’t lynch me


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