Punk Politics #76

I saw this cup on the news and felt it needs a lot of unpacking.

So Tucker (the #1 watched news personality in America in one part of a monolog managed to evoke Reefer Madness, blame medical management of mental health issues, blame women and outright lie about schools giving kids SSRIs. He also mentioned porn and social media. First off, as someone on weed and in mental health care, no ya dumb fuck. The only thing at risk is the junk food section at 7 11. I can’t believe reefer madness still works. The “psychosis we hear about is disassociation and none of us are doing anything crazier than forgetting where we put things. Next, schools can’t fucking give psychotropic meds because it requires special qualifications you hellscaping shitbag! And then this bag of rotted meat and trash went on to say that women telling men what’s up is part of the problem. Ya got me fucked up. The only problem is that maybe women should be more forceful in telling Amerikkka what the fuck is up. Also, if the problem is that there’s countless white kids who looks like this guy and you believe he’s crazy, then we should talk about the abysmal shithole that is mental health in Amerikka. There’s the fact that these young “alpha” nopes are absorbing nothing but a privileged white guy who’s show is violence porn and he’s had some absolute off the wall trash talking about phrenology and thrones of Chinese bones and other cringy shit I can’t remember. This is what the neckbeards are watching when they’re not planning their next bit of white terrorism with their Atomwaffen and RAM peeps. The shooting in Buffalo is what he is encouraging! Tucker wants young white men to kill those who don’t bow to this toxic and false construct.

– C Fish

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