Punk Politics #80

Break in! Break in! This is not another analysis or news story. This is a muthafuckin call to action! This is to everyone left of center. The concerned democrats, the progressives, the anarchists, the communists and every other group that fights the right. The vast majority of us side with democratic politicians and news as we’re under the impression that they represent the values that make up the core of our being. The Biden administration spends every damn day of the week proving that they don’t give a fuck about us in real time! This is a major problem considering the fact that we vote them in and pay them to work for us. We need to stop putting up with this. It should be NO JUSTICE NO PEACE for every single politician that consistently goes out of their way to work against the reasons we put them in office. The right moved with its base. Sure the result is monstrous and frightening, but why hasn’t the DNC moved with any portion of its base outside of 1%ers? We’re in an abusive relationship with our representatives. They call women marching for the right to health care “out of step liberal activists.” That’s right Sistas, your right to complete health care os considered radical by the White House. The fact that Biden just thumbs his ass while the school year has become hunting season where children exist in fear of who got their license from the NRA to hunt with no bag limit. And Witch Queen Pelosi’s cracka ass having the disdain to appropriate Kente cloth then declare DEFUND THE POLICE a dead issue. Nah friends. They got us fucked up. It’s now time to recognize and weaponize our power. We need to demand of the Democratic Party REFORM OR EXTINCTION! The fact of the matter is that our current stance on Biden is ranging from not wanting him to run up though wanting to throw bricks at the old racist and drop out of society. This is a toxic situation that has long past its sustainability. Please pass this on and make the upcoming season actually matter to us and quit living in social squalor.

– C Fish

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