Punk Politics #87

What in the actual fuck Florida!?! If you didn’t know, Ron DeSantis trafficked about 50 Venezuelan asylum seekers from San Antonio Texas to Martha’s Vinyard this past week with taxpayer funds. The funding is legal as it was approved by the state legislature with no regard of the resources this steals from Florida’s most vulnerable citizens. These migrants were told they were being transported to Boston for services and jobs. So these human beings that were fleeing a country we fucked up (look into Reagan’s Latin American escapades and The Chicago Boys) would have rather astonished when they arrived on an island community known to be vacation homes for the 1%. The community knew nothing about this until they arrived so the state of Massachusetts jas been scrambling to get these people assistance. This is flat out fucking inhuman and cruel of DeSantis. Greg Abbott bussing migrants all over the country because they’re not a “sanctuary state” is already terrible but this was next level. And these deranged xenophobes are using your money, resources and infrastructure to score points with the most racist troglodyte end of their fucking base because the people don’t mater. Only power. There’s an election coming up and if you don’t wanna wait that long, they have addresses you can show you up at.

– C Fish

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