Punk Politics #89

As we’re dealing with an increasingly insane political landscape, we need to be unquestionably clear of where we’re at. Voting is great, but voting alone will not change anything. Just about all of the news insists on punching left via their reactions that range from chiding to outrage over intimidation and property damage. At present, the Amerikkka is a broken down home and the politicians are the abusive adults. We the people are the children getting constantly violated and traumatized. The parents believe themselves to be bigger and can do whatever they want and don’t feel a need to see us with any sort of dignity. The ONLY possible way to change this is to show we’re big enough to fight back and we’re no longer going to accept this. This means literally all praxis is on the table. Everything from voting and trolling to more intense street activism is valid and needed. The democrats and Republicans take the fascists seriously because they’re scared. It’s also why there’s a culture war narrative so we don’t turn our attention to who’s actually hurting us. This abuse has been going on since white man first landed here. It only receds when a master or overseer gets what’s coming to them. If the police are gonna ride around LA and do drive by shootings, then we need to make every neighborhood unsafe for cops. You know how they talk about hoods they’re afraid to go into? Politicians should be nervous about public events unless they’re working for the people.

– C Fish


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