Punk Politics #90

There’s been a lot of talk about Qanon lately as Trump and an alarmingly increasing number of his base ate going down this rabbit hole. There’s a bit of comedy in thos though. Q and Proud Boys are so fucking pathetic that they couldn’t even come up with their own fashion, loose structure or slogan. The fashion I’m referring to is the proud boys’ Fred Perry shirts. The black and gold has long been known as a specifically SHARP uniform. It meant you would fuck up Nazis on sight. I could never justify paying that much for a polo shirt and still can’t. Q has copied a lot of Anti-Racist Action (ARA) homework. Firstly, our slogan is We Go Where They Go so to not let fascists have the streets. The Q WWG1WGA is just a shitty rip off. As is their small not centrally regulated cell structure they claim to have. We know their structure is a lie as there’s evidence of Trump and his cappos issuing orders to them. So, any of my comrades who are still ARA, let’s go where they go and battle their lies. We have a history that’s being appropriated which we’re already supposed to fight against in defense of what Amerikka constantly does to the BIPOC community. I know we’re all fuckin tired, me too. But the fight is not only far from over, they’re winning. So grabsome rest and coffee. Shit’s gotta get real of we’re gonna gain ground. For more info on ARA, check the links below.

– C Fish


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Anti-racist Action “Stop Racism” Benefit Cd by Various Artists, Less Than Jake, H2O, Fahrenheit 451, Alkaline Trio (1999-01-01) https://a.co/d/3mLCaHB


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