Punk Politics #94

So instead of celebrating Trans Day of remembrance, those of us in the alphabet mafia are reeling in the wake of a mass shooting hate crime. To catch everyone up, a gunmen who’s clearly a homophobic piece of shit named Anderson Lee Aldritch (that cracka name be whiter than mayo) shot up the sole lgbtq safe space, Club Q in Colorado Springs the night of a punk show that was followed by a dance party. This all went down overnight as the time zone was crossing into that day of remembrance. Yes, I fucking believe all this was targeted and planned. Andy here has a history that was unsurprisingly ignored by law enforcement for years. The injury count is presently 25 with a current death toll of 5. This dick bag had multiple charges and law enforcement incidents back in El Paso County, Co that clearly didn’t interrupt thos young sociopath’s life. But of course when you white, you above the law. Today we have the supposed left trotting out their gun law taking points because they don’t fucking care about our communities. At least the right is likely throwing parties and not pretending to not hate us. Signs about love and monologs about gun fears are useless, harmful and intended to only keep is docile between killings. The real answer is armed queers bashing back. The ARA lines of We Go Where They Go and An Attack On One Is An Attack On All. We make the fashies and phones feel unsafe and afraid of us until they stay in their shadows. The present government will never take any meaningful action against these hate crimes because it doesn’t effect them. We the marginalized have to take care of each other if we’re to have any hope of seeing things become different.

– C Fish

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