Punk Politics #97

For those who’ve been following the Chinese balloon story, the U.S. government shot it down today. America basically scrambled a whole ass air wing. A stealth F-22 firing a heat seeking super sonic sidewinder missile to take down a fucking balloon over the ocean. Nothing helps climate change quite like a multi billion dollar mess of debris full of pure industrial trash. And in a glaring “fuck you” to the American people the Pentagon stated that the balloon doesn’t grant any further observational capabilities than China has over our sensitive areas. This grants much more credence to the Chinese governments’ claim that this is a weather balloon that got likely blown off course due to the fucking weather, ya know, the near apocalyptic winter storms than have been battering America lately. Some “Top defense officials” are still claiming it’s a spy balloon and trotting out the old red scare trope of “we don’t know what capabilities it has” we can’t tell you”. What in the actual fuck? They can’t even put effort into lying to us anymore! Also, why aren’t we talking about the fact that we’re supposed to fall in line with this idea that it just appeared over Montana without having flown over other states. Montana is not coastal and we allowed the balloon to fly coast to coast before falsifying a need for action. And lastly, “air space” is a fucking joke. How goddamn narcissistic is the idea of a nation when it believes it can own fucking air? I honestly think China should just go ahead and fuck us economically. No country in existence has been more in meed of being brought to heel like the U.S. America is why we can’t have nice things.

– C Fish

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