Punk Politics #105

The pile of shot and trash wrapped in rotting meat known as Pat Robertson died! This is fuckin awesome! Pat Robertson who looked like an actual demon was the founder of the 700 club. I’ve trauma blocked everything I knew about them so feel free to Google that. Essentially it was like a free trade zone of religious abuse. He has also claimed that AIDS was “God’s way of weeding his garden. And under the guise of aide for Rwanda post genocide the 700 Club raised funds that paid fornthem to set up a diamond mining operation. My usual phrase … Continue reading Punk Politics #105

Punk Politics #104

Cornel West is running for president! This should be exciting news. But it’s with the people’s party. I’ll link a video below that goes into this party better than I’ll be able to. My short version is that it’s an absolute shit show inside of a dumpster fire. The leader Brana has numerous allegations of sexual harassment and forced out the board when they attempted to have him investigated for this. Also, his number 2 is Jimmy Dore, who’s just his own Reich wing cringe fest. So my question is why the fuck is Cornel, a man who’s known as … Continue reading Punk Politics #104

Punk Politics #103 Pride Special

Yo we’re in June, pride month! But what does PRIDE mean? How many of us are less flamboyant due to the increasingly terrorist rhetoric and actions against all in our community. How easy is it to be queer in a state that is recriminalizing our very existence? So what can we be proud of? The fact that our existence counters the fabric of colonial thought itself. Every LGBTQ+ person that exists is undeniable evidence that everything about the binary is complete bull shit. The first pride was literally a riot mich like queer existence is. We’re not supposed to be … Continue reading Punk Politics #103 Pride Special

Punk Politics #102

Jordan Neely a 30 year old unhoused black man was murdered via choke hold by a 24 year old white Marine. on the New York F Train on Monday for having a mental health crisis while black. The killer’s Name is Daniel Penny. No, he’s not a cop, not even a military cop. Just a white guy lynching a black man while 2 other presently unidentified individuals helped by holding Neely down. The NYPD has released him with seemingly no charges (I can’t find anything) after an extreme reluctance to arrest for about days. I am saying this whole thing … Continue reading Punk Politics #102

Punk Politics #101

Below my analysis will be a couple links that go deeper on this. So today a lot of us found out that Noam Chomsky may have fucked kids with Epstein. My extreme supposition comes from how cagey yet proud he is in his responses to being found to have had many secret meetings with Epstein. Still doesn’t sound at all right no matter how any times that statement plays in my head. The fact is that Chomsky is most definitely a pedopologist. Someone please give Amy Goodman a hug because this one fuckin hurts. The real question all of us … Continue reading Punk Politics #101

Punk Politics #100

Our first entry from Kitty Sonic! A Hobby Lobby Discussion Hello, Punx in Solidarity readers; my name is Kitty Sonic. I am a digital artist, crafting maven, and communist agitator who’ll be contributing to Punx in Solidarity from time to time. For my first visit with you, I wanted to discuss something that probably seems oddly specific—i.e. a chain craft store—but I feel like the issues I have with Hobby Lobby are applicable to a majority of American corporations and the people who control them, both today and in America’s past. That being said, Hobby Lobby has received far more … Continue reading Punk Politics #100

Punk Politics #99

I just read an article the other day about Sundown Towns still being a thing, I’ll link that below. For those who don’t know, Sundown Towns refer to cities and counties that didn’t allow black people to live in and they were not to be in after dark. If they are in town after dark the best case scenario is arrest. More than likely they end up dead. Sundown was just in the south. These Towns existed for sea to sea and border to border in every fucking state. South Pasadena in CA was a Sundown until February 22, 2022 … Continue reading Punk Politics #99

Punk Politics # 98

Well, This one is a case of I was depressingly right. Back in 2020 I had wrote about concerns or COINTELPRO actions happening to Black Lives Matter during the summer protests based on a variety of signs I saw that mirrored OG COINTELPRO. Now there’s a lot of information coming about the FBI having an undercover informant in the Colorado BLM movement. For those who don’t know. COINTELPRO stands for the Counter Intelligence Program that the FBI carried out to “prevent the rise of a black messiah”. That was their prime objective. Clearly the government has no interest in changing … Continue reading Punk Politics # 98

Punk Politics #97

For those who’ve been following the Chinese balloon story, the U.S. government shot it down today. America basically scrambled a whole ass air wing. A stealth F-22 firing a heat seeking super sonic sidewinder missile to take down a fucking balloon over the ocean. Nothing helps climate change quite like a multi billion dollar mess of debris full of pure industrial trash. And in a glaring “fuck you” to the American people the Pentagon stated that the balloon doesn’t grant any further observational capabilities than China has over our sensitive areas. This grants much more credence to the Chinese governments’ … Continue reading Punk Politics #97

Punk Politics #96

This one is a Florida story! Today Miami police unveiled a Black History cop car! I’m still in shock. Check it! This is fucking inhumanely sick! This is an absolute fuck you to black people. The flag is an answer to racism dating back to 1921 and the fists are the community’s defiance to state violence whoch the police are the most enthusiastic traffickers of. Between it being the police and their predatory relationship with the black community, there’s the fact that Florida has effectively outlawed the study of black history. This fucking shit a week after the Tyre Nichols … Continue reading Punk Politics #96