Analysis of the Rock The Casbah music video

Firstly, The Clash is my all time favorite band forever. Now let’s get to it. I am theorizing that this video takes place in Southern California, primarily Long Beach and Compton. Here’s my evidence; the oil well in what’s clearly on urban setting that looks like Signal Hill, the Winchell’s that looks like up by Poly high and it wouldn’t be too strange to have an Armadillo running around, that gas station is definitely the one around the corner from Cubesmart. And finally, where else are you gonna find an Orthodox Jew and Sheik chill enough to party together like that?

Punk Politics #83

So drug stores are locking up cheap food products such as spam and Tuna. I guess Spam is 4 something now. You could get it from Rite Aid in the dollar section as of 2019. This is an absolute crime as this is normally cheap food for people of limited means. The price rise puts even this food out of reach for many. The rest of this article will contain tips I learned from my time working loss prevention that can fight the system. Disclaimer, I am not advocating shoplifting. I am helping the hungry to survive the abusive relationship that is Amerikkkan life.

These security boxes open with what’s called an Alpha key (the rectangular key in the picture below. These are available from numerous online retailers. Or if you work retail, you can likely find one in the backroom that no one knew was there. Security keys will make the door alarm go off so it’s on you to consider that risk and any ways around it as those can be individual to the situation. Either of the round keys which are also available online and are basically CPU magnets will open/ remove all other security devices that could be used on food items.

Now let’s talk legal. In the event you get rolled, if you simply return the item to the employee who caught you, you are no longer shoplifting and are free to go. Do not return to a store you’ve already been caught at. You do not have to “come back inside” ever! The store has no legal authority to detain you without your consent. Never sign any paperwork. Civil recovery law typically reads “This statute allows for the recovery of up to three times the value of any unrecovered or damaged items plus any legal fees up to the cost of the items and $500 for adults. If the perpetrator is a minor, then the state allows twice the value of the items plus any legal fees up to the cost of the item and $300.” So if you’re in the office with the store threatening to roll you up, they have the item in merchantable condition. It’s a scam to get the company more money as literally every item is insured. Holding you in a store is false imprisonment and you can charge the company. Furthermore, most drug stores have a no chase policy so you could run for it as well. In the event you choose this option, KEEP YOUR TAKE LOW the amount of money is the prime determining factor in whether or not you could face charges. Also returned merchandise is no longer stolen and the store can fuck off beyond not allowing you back in.

– C Fish

Punk Politics #82

Let’s usher in the inauguration of President Pinkerton. Scranton Scab Joe strike busted the rail unions with an executive order today. CNN states that he averted a strike. That is true. The problem however is that the union has been working without contract for 3 years which means that they’re pay and benefits advances are stalled out. Meanwhile the railway industry has been reporting record wage theft (profits) over this same time period. So the empire politician that Biden is has intervened on behalf of the corporate welfare state to further strip us of our ability to resist. Yet again, Biden has proven that he was grown in the same lab as Reagan. Why in the fuck are we not speaking out louder and more frequently? Amerikkka is quite exceptional as it’s managed to pack millenia of evil into only a few hundred years. How on earth are we still allowing these delusional men who believe that systemic abuse and racism are sacred values?

C Fish

Skanking in an alternate reality with Jer

For those who been sleepin’. Jer (best known as Skatune Network dropped their full length recently. To start with it’s outright fucking amazing and Jer in person is even more awesome than we imagine from YouTube. The album opens with Bothered, a classic sounding ska punk track about shit we should be bothered to sleeplessness by. The next track You Got Yr ***** Card Revoked deals with issues of identity and the fact that we’re all valid no matter what. Gonna skip ahead to Decolonize Yr Mind which is my fucking song of the year! This is a mind blowing mix of ska meets Tribe Called Quest and the lyrical mind of Dead Prez. I totally lost my shit when they played it at the show as I’ve been blasting this track like it’s a religion because decolonization should be!

The next track that really jumps out is Garden Of Understanding which is the first of two solid Emo Steady tracks. Emo Steady is a term that Jer to pursue a genre that blends ska with Midwest Emo. I’m fuckin here for it! The 2nd is a track called Maybe. To me it’s about dealing with activist burn out. It happens to me all the time because spending that much time fighting and caring about changing the world around us. The beginning of this song is sad as fuck going into the hopelessness we all feel when it constant seems like things aren’t gonna get better then goes into an amazing breakdown with a return of fighting spirit. Honestly, that’s how it feels. This whole record just keeps getting better as you hear each track front to back. In a time where too many are still trying to hate on ska, this shot to 74 on Billboard album sales. So clearly the haters don’t know shit. Maybe if we all support the absolute fuck outta this amazing release from Bad Time Records, Emo Steady can become a full genre. Go get a hold of this and blast it loud enough for the whole hood to dance and know how you feel about the present reality

– C Fish

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Punk Politics #81

Well, Jordan Peterson accidentally made a great point he doesn’t realize. Peterson asked “Are we deranged and a profoundly threatening manner?” Note: I’m likely paraphrasing the quote. I believe the answer to this question is yes and I’ll go into the evidence I used to arrive at this conclusion. First off is the popularity of all these “incel” heroes such as Peterson, Musk and Rogan. Incel isn’t a real thing, women don’t oh you shit ya unfuckable bigots! Further evidence of threatening derangement is the clear and present mainstreaming of white supremacy in modern Amerikkka. Also the fact that the mainline of the DNC is working against us and the mainstream media can’t work fast enough to provide cover while helping to yell at any supposed “radicals”. After he answered his own question, Peterson went into some strange rambling about western derangement. I tried to look that up and couldn’t find anything, so I’m gonna theorize that it’s faux intellectual racist and transphobic bullshit he made up after the strange pause which looked like when dial up internet freezes. At least some of the right is accidentally admitting things are fucked up like when Tucker mentioned that the youth’s lives aren’t gonna get any better. Now if only the mainline politicians and their media apologists would admit that this is intentional and an extinction level event would be preferable to the next election

– C Fish

Punk Politics #80

Break in! Break in! This is not another analysis or news story. This is a muthafuckin call to action! This is to everyone left of center. The concerned democrats, the progressives, the anarchists, the communists and every other group that fights the right. The vast majority of us side with democratic politicians and news as we’re under the impression that they represent the values that make up the core of our being. The Biden administration spends every damn day of the week proving that they don’t give a fuck about us in real time! This is a major problem considering the fact that we vote them in and pay them to work for us. We need to stop putting up with this. It should be NO JUSTICE NO PEACE for every single politician that consistently goes out of their way to work against the reasons we put them in office. The right moved with its base. Sure the result is monstrous and frightening, but why hasn’t the DNC moved with any portion of its base outside of 1%ers? We’re in an abusive relationship with our representatives. They call women marching for the right to health care “out of step liberal activists.” That’s right Sistas, your right to complete health care os considered radical by the White House. The fact that Biden just thumbs his ass while the school year has become hunting season where children exist in fear of who got their license from the NRA to hunt with no bag limit. And Witch Queen Pelosi’s cracka ass having the disdain to appropriate Kente cloth then declare DEFUND THE POLICE a dead issue. Nah friends. They got us fucked up. It’s now time to recognize and weaponize our power. We need to demand of the Democratic Party REFORM OR EXTINCTION! The fact of the matter is that our current stance on Biden is ranging from not wanting him to run up though wanting to throw bricks at the old racist and drop out of society. This is a toxic situation that has long past its sustainability. Please pass this on and make the upcoming season actually matter to us and quit living in social squalor.

– C Fish

Punk Politics #79

This was from White House Communications director Kate Bedingfield on response to activists essentially shit canning Biden over his speech on Friday. I’ll have a link to my analysis of that shit fire at the bottom of this. “Joe Biden’s goal in responding to Dobbs is not to satisfy some activists who’ve been consistently out of step with the mainstream of the Democratic Party. It’s to deliver help to women who are in danger and assemble a broad-based coalition to defend a woman’s right to choose now, just as he assembled such a coalition to win the 2020 campaign.” “The President has been showing his deep outrage as an American and executing his bold plan- which is the product of months of hard work- ever since the decision was his own.” Wow, y’all got us fucked up! Every single activist platform is what these candidates run on. This isn’t activism, this is fuckng accountability. Women protesting because Biden thumbed his asshole doing fuck all “out of step” with that party. Yet again, why the hell are any of us supporting the DNC. Do we all need therapy to learn about toxic patterns? Remember, you don’t owe abusers anything! And these mainstreamers that treat all us activists the ways shot parents treat “mistake” children which males them the exact same as abuse most of us survived through. I still don’t see where Biden is expressing outrage. The last time Biden had any fight was when he was campaigning for segregationists. This is why the right is winning. They moved in the direction of their base and have straight up coddled their most activist constituents. Absolutely, the policies hurt everyone. But the fact is that GOP constituents feel honesty representated by the monsters they’re voting for. So why is anyone on the left voting for people who clearly despise us?

– C Fish

Punk Politics #78

For everyone who considers themselves any stripe of left, why are we still carrying water for the Democratic party? In the last 2 months they stood by doing fuck all as half our population lost they’re guarantee of complete and adequate health care. Their answer was to vote harder. Then after 2 weeks of criticism over that, they double the fuck down on that trash. I’m entirely for voting as it’s one of the many tools we need to employ to pull this country out of being a dystopian hellscape. But what are even voting for right now? Outside of the squad the rest of them are only getting elected to network with more owner donors. When any progressives call them on it or have ideas, they get slagged. When us voters speak up, we can treated with the same neglect and disdain that our abusive parents gave out like water at a marathon. Pelosi the witch queen who keeps coming outta her children’s bone strewn cave to say that #defundthepolice is a dead slogan. Um no, the elected representative either works for a our tax dollars or they are a parasite. The people who are represented by these corporate mainliners are the exact same coming in and gentrifying all the most desirable parts of my home state. Remember, gentrification is economic eugenics as it prices the poor out of areas. This means that these supposed representatives are at war with us and constantly working to re traumatize those who are most victimized by the Amerikkan scream. So why don’t we all walk away and either build up the Green Wedge or start something new? I’m not sure how we’d reform the DNC unless the neoliberal dinosaurs were to suddenly drop dead. So perhaps we should leave them to their David Duke retirement home where they can count money with the Republicans.

– C Fish

Punk Politics #77

Biden Takes Action? The majority of headlines are lauding Biden in a heroic manner for actions he took today. Well that’s interesting. Biden begins his speech with a repetitive and meandering monolog about adding more jobs than any president in history and I mildly disassociated during that part. He did say that his economic plan is working. Considering the recent stat that homelessness rises by 9% for every 100 dollar rent increase and the plan sounds like he plagiarized Trump. CNN described the speech as fiery and sometimes angry… Joe sounds like an NPR DJ on heroine. This Executive Order he signed Directs the HHS to form a plan. Why the fuck didn’t they have a plan 2 months ago when it was basically advertised that this was gonna happen!?! As the speech progress Biden asks for 2 more senators then turns this hollow shit show into a campaign speech. Honestly, the blue wave smells like piss. Biden goes onto feign some anger abort the 10 year old girl who has to travel to another state to receive essential health care. Why wasn’t any action taken before of the lives of women and girls is so important? This “action” is so goddamned toothless that it’s more offensive than doing nothing especially after the fact. Well, Kamala the “top cop” is all about showing up too late to prevent crime but just in time to re-victimize. This will continue to be our future so long as we elect parasitic hellscapers and allow the media to apologize for them.

– C Fish

Punk Politics #76

I saw this cup on the news and felt it needs a lot of unpacking.

So Tucker (the #1 watched news personality in America in one part of a monolog managed to evoke Reefer Madness, blame medical management of mental health issues, blame women and outright lie about schools giving kids SSRIs. He also mentioned porn and social media. First off, as someone on weed and in mental health care, no ya dumb fuck. The only thing at risk is the junk food section at 7 11. I can’t believe reefer madness still works. The “psychosis we hear about is disassociation and none of us are doing anything crazier than forgetting where we put things. Next, schools can’t fucking give psychotropic meds because it requires special qualifications you hellscaping shitbag! And then this bag of rotted meat and trash went on to say that women telling men what’s up is part of the problem. Ya got me fucked up. The only problem is that maybe women should be more forceful in telling Amerikkka what the fuck is up. Also, if the problem is that there’s countless white kids who looks like this guy and you believe he’s crazy, then we should talk about the abysmal shithole that is mental health in Amerikka. There’s the fact that these young “alpha” nopes are absorbing nothing but a privileged white guy who’s show is violence porn and he’s had some absolute off the wall trash talking about phrenology and thrones of Chinese bones and other cringy shit I can’t remember. This is what the neckbeards are watching when they’re not planning their next bit of white terrorism with their Atomwaffen and RAM peeps. The shooting in Buffalo is what he is encouraging! Tucker wants young white men to kill those who don’t bow to this toxic and false construct.

– C Fish