Punk Politics #62

So the Rittenhouse verdict came out today. Unanimously not guilty on all charges. This is less than surprising considering that I’m surprised the judge didn’t give him a handy in the courtroom. Also the prosecution definitely phoned it in which is unsurprising as at the end of the day, the judge and pigs are homies with the DA. Then of course Biden crawls out to say that he stands by the verdict and that the system works while saying he didn’t watch the trial. Considering that this segregationist fuck wrote and named a crime bill after himself whose sole purpose was to further white privilege and criminalize being black, this was an expected answer. Then we have not fascists celebrating this and neoliberal fuck boys like Cuomo towing the same line. Fuckin sounded like he was auditioning for Fox. This verdict is fucking disturbing as it has made it okay for white supremacist fan boys to go hunt and kill anyone they disagree with. We should all be very concerned and consider keeping ourselves protected. Had Kyle been black, he likely would’ve been shot by the blue ball pigs instead of a trial which would’ve sent him to the row anyways. Maybe we should abolish the cops and prisons and allow communities to figure it out instead of this armed privilege that we’ve been handed and was just championed by our administration. #fuckbiden #nojusticenopeace

– C Fish

Punk Politics #61

Let’s talk about the Met Gala. This is typically an event where the ultra rich metaphorically jerk each other off in a very public way. Honestly, I don’t know much else about it. AOC’s dress has been the main news. The majority of reaction I’ve seen has been white men mad at brown girl. I think it was fuckin awesome. Here’s why, AOC fuckin knew that this would go viral which increases the conversation about taxing the rich amongst the 99%. She got in for free and the dress was borrowed, plus thus was a total middle finger to the event itself. Yeah, it’s a performative action. That’s part of using the system we’re in. We can’t magically just affect change from the outside, this isn’t some fuckin fantasy novel. Even the most ardent anarchists and socialists know that we have to use the present reality as a tool, if they’re at all intellectually honest. Activism is action, otherwise you’re just a keyboard warrior.

– C Fish

Punk Politics #60

The Supreme Court struck down the eviction moratorium stating that only congress had the power for such an act. There’s a few points to unpack here. First, there can never be justice as long as our courts exist only to be weaponized by the powerful against then powerless. Second, fuck Nancy Pelosi and the rest of congress for not acting and taking a vacation instead! Third, fuck Pelosi again! We all remember the witch queen screeching that the moratorium was the CDC’s job knowing full well she was avoiding the responsibility we pay her for. Fourth, fuck Biden for doing absolute fuck all while his entire reign is the dumpster fire I tried to tell people it was gonna be due to the fact that he’s just a slower Trump. Finally, fuck every mainstream liberal that wants to tell me that us leftists are tearing the party apart. Your party is bullshit. The big blue lie is no fucking different than the GOP. Of they think this garbage is fucking acceptable, than they deserve to be torn apart. We are the power and if we can’t change things at the ballot box, there are other options. #punkvoter

– C Fish

Punk Politics #59

On the subject of boosters. Fuck every wealthy country for hoarding vaccines! The whole damned planet is interconnected you elitist douche bags! Our people shouldn’t be getting a 3rd shot until the people in developing nations can actually give a decent amount of their population a first shot. It’s already bad enough that half the American population is dumb fuckin hayseeds who are following right wing grifters right to the morgue. That’s actually another fuckin reason we don’t deserve boosters beyond the flagrant privilege. I’m ashamed to be of the country that’s the most extreme vulture in history. Maybe America is waiting for Covid to kill off the 3rd world to make neo colonial imperialism easier. Though the shortage in slave labor will pose some problems.

– C Fish

Punk Politics #58

From 1979 to 2021 (Carter to Biden), American hands have been soaking in enough gallons of Afghan blood to drown a nation. Still the president sleeps well on his Boll and Branch sheets.

An attack toppled buildings and we were sold lies of hating freedom when the reality is that an abused indigenous population struck back. Still the president sleeps well on his Boll and Branch sheets.

An entire generation has been irreparably damaged by a convoluted illegal war that we still have no clear answer on why we were there. Still the president sleeps well on his Boll and Branch sheets.

46 years later, a flawed war ends worse than Vietnam as we’re chased from the nation we occupied by the demons we created. Still the president sleeps well on his Boll and Branch sheets.

The nation is presently calling for and defending imperialism and occupation as we watch is fail in real time. Still the president sleeps well on his Boll and Branch sheets.

– C Fish

Classic Review: Anti-Flag Underground Network

20 years ago Anti-Flag released Underground Network on Fat Wreck. This album was and still is deeply influential and important to me. I was 18 and had been into punk for about 3 years. I was already deeply political and dissatisfied with most media but this album drove it further. I obsessively read the liner notes and did further studies based on the subject matter. The idea of an underground network existing outside of the mainstream to present information and entertainment is what led to this blog and for me to want to do a political podcast that is now happening. Also this album was the beginning of Anti-Flag coming into their own sonically and production wise. For me, this one still holds up musically and ideologically. My standout track on this is Bring Out Your Dead, but the whole record is fucking solid! So go check it of you never have, or rediscover it if it’s been awhile.

– C Fish

The Best Of The Worst- Better Medicine

If you’ve ever wondered if you could mix smooth ska with brutal mathcore, the answer is fuckin yes!! Holy shit, this goes into the most interesting evolutions of ska list. The Best Of The Worst’s latest album Better Medicine. Another solid release from Bad Time Records. The sound is just fuckin insane, manic and beautiful. For me, it’s the most interesting band in ska since Blue Meanies. This is the new ska for the weird kids! I can’t pick a stand out as each track just has so much going on. If you need on music at all, play this one! Every bit of this from the vocals to the instrumentation is at the top of its game! They even have a gnarly fuckin 2Tone breakdown on one track and this whole record is full of gnarly breakdowns. So, figure out how to skank and hardcore dance at the same time for your new fitness regimen and blast this fucker till the paint melts from your walls! Stalk and support at the following links.



– C Fish

Kill Lincoln- Can’t Complain

If you’ve been sleeping on this band, the alarm is goin off and it’s time to wake the fuck up. Kill Lincoln’s Can’t Complain should be in everyone’s list of most exciting ska or punk releases of the past year. The sound is No Torso’s horn section meets Catch 22 meets a bit of east coast emo with the energy of east coast basement hardcore. There’s even some sweet fuckin breakdowns. This band is helmed the Mike who also runs Bad Time Records. And all this amazing music is headed by solid vocals about real shit. Highlight track for me is Last Ditch Denial. If you’re getting old and still living in this scene, you’ll feel it in a bittersweet way. Get a hold of this and skank till ya knees give out and you’ve gotten a noise complaint! Stalk and support at the following links



– C Fish

We Are The Union- Ordinary Life

For those who don’t know, there’s some amazing ska coming out. One of those is We Are The Union’s latest, Ordinary Life. The core of this album is vocalist Reade coming out as a trans woman bracketed by honest observations of mental health struggles a lot of us deal with. Everything on this album is fuckin amazing and Jer has the sickest Trombone solo on Morbid Obsessions, one of the highlight tracks on this. The other two are the Mad Caddies sounding Boys Will Be Girls and Make It Easy which sounds like Slackers meets Midwest Emo. Purely amazing music with Reade’s solidly pop punk vocals sweetening every track. We Are The Union is the ska punk for the current generation and everyone needs to jam it loud enough that your neighbors know the words. Support and stalk them at the following links



-C Fish

Bad Booze

So this is a list of the 10 worst things I’ve drank and why. In the underground scene, most of us have done unhealthily questionable drinking. This came out of a conversation I had with Aaron Carne’s, the author of In Defense Of Ska since his book mentions Kool Colt 45.

#1 Camo Black. This stuff is like 13 percent malt liquor. It smells like a 7 11 dumpster and tastes homeless, I mean turning tricks in the gutter for crack and sleeping there after homeless.

#2 Night Train. Some jock yelled at me and I beat up his car while I was wasted on this. I wasn’t able to buy it in my town anymore.

#3 Kool Colt 45. It was a mentholated Colt 45. It was so bad!

#4 Aftershock. For years I would get sick at the smell or taste of cinnamon after the time I got trashed off this.

#5 The near and dear Red Dog. This was a strange blend of lager and malt liquor together for $1.35 a 40. I lived on it in highschool.

#6 Lost 5-0 screwdrivers. Lost 5-0 was an orange energy drink and vodka made me overly willing to start shit with Nazis and frat boys. So I was a hyper violent asshole.

#7 Sidewalk slammers. You drink a 40 a little more than half down and dump in a can of Four Loko. Yeah, that goes sideways real quick.

#8 Carlo Rossi. If you wanna feel like you’re gonna die from your hangover and watch your homie pass out in his own vomit after you’ve made complete asses of yourselves, this is the drink for you.

#9 Tequila. I would always travel and pass out in strange places like roofs, people’s front yards or my ex’s porch after slur yelling why we should get back together and it was a good 8 miles from where I started drinking.

#10 Any flavored malt liquor. Really just don’t unless you wanna feel like your skeleton is trying to escape while you vomit.

– C Fish