Dissidente- War On 2 Fronts

My first favorite album of the year dropped this past Friday. From Pittsburgh PA it’s Dissidente’s war on 2 fronts. What’s it sound like? Western PA basement hardcore meets east coast ska core. It’s ska core as fuck. And listening to this baked is a fucking experience! There’s also some doom ska going on. The genre I didn’t know I needed. This is their debut LP from the label defending ska, Bad Time Records. This is also the first Bad Time release of 2022. Black Bloc is my stand out track. It’s solid fuckin ska core to dance around the … Continue reading Dissidente- War On 2 Fronts

The Skallector

I’ve shared this playlist before. Originally named Misfits Of Ska after the Asian Man Records comp. As I get questions and comments about it being the entirety of ska. Well, that was the idea. Other than wanting a portable library of the genre to listen to, it’s about algorithms and search results. To have all and any ska appear in the similar artists. We need all that builds upon what started in Jamaica in the 1950’s to get to know one another. If it wasn’t for the politics of ska, punk would’ve burned out with the Sex Pistols. Ska is … Continue reading The Skallector

Link Card

If you wanna follow what we’re doing all over the internet, follow these links. https://twitter.com/punxsolidarity?t=ow_j1j485BFh4MmL96S6kg&s=09 https://youtube.com/channel/UCdUOh7R5Rvv5zGFbTnZDP6Q https://vm.tiktok.com/TTPdkVT2A1/ https://www.facebook.com/citizen.fish.9 https://www.instagram.com/punxinsolidarity/ https://www.facebook.com/punxinsolidarity/ https://www.facebook.com/shadesoftruth21/ https://www.reddit.com/u/C-Fish1983?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share https://youtube.com/channel/UCGx7vUEwxzPohtR5yqANKjQ Crisis intervention info to go along with Psych Revolution podcast Continue reading Link Card


Yes, we do album reviews free of charge. Just hit me up at one of the below links and send a link where I can listen to it. If I like your stuff, I’ll review it and say many nice things. If I don’t, I’ll tell ya and not do a review. That’s right, we don’t do shitty reviews. We may not be big like Alternative Press or MRR ( it is only one writer) but at least it’s a free review by someone who genuinely digs your shit. DM is the best way to get a hold of me … Continue reading Reviews

Presenting Creative Chaos

Good friend mine and gnarly artist Kelly (Creative Chaos) makes coasters for sale. That’s right, you can stop letting your 40 sweat on the table and stop stealing coasters from the Goodwill that probably has your picture on the front door from when ya stole the table. You can do the punk thing and support a DIY artist. And No, this isn’t some hipster trash. Proceeds go to pay life expenses and benefit mental health recovery. Links and pics of these dope table savers below. -C Fish Instagram: @creative_chaosca Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Creative-Chaos-810164955992314/ Continue reading Presenting Creative Chaos

Anarcho Punk Albums book review

The first publishing from long time punk site punkonline.co.uk came across my desk. It was a great read packed with a large amount of info from the pioneers of anarcho punk. This book consists of interviews with the bands covering their founding andbthe road to these seminal debut albums such as Crass’s Feeding of the 5000 and Subhumans day the country died. It was freaking great. 20 years ago when I got into punk those were 2 of my first albums. It also covers Zounds and Icons of Filth. The book is fairly cheap or free to read on Kindle … Continue reading Anarcho Punk Albums book review

Welcome to the American Fall

The new Anti-Flag album dropped today. It’s the most stoked I’ve been on a new punk album in years. I saw them live a couple weeks back. The new one is a call to action against the neo-liberal order of the previous 8 years and this alt-right status quo the rose of Trump has given us. Stand out track on this is When The Wall Falls. Anti-Flag wrote a kick ass ska track. This is the album we need now. From us old dogs who may feel a bit jaded to the scared kid that may be gay, trans or … Continue reading Welcome to the American Fall

Top 15 Online Punk Rock Radio Stations

Punx In Solidarity Hardcore Punk Rock Radio Stations Update TOP 15 ALTERNATIVE PUNK RADIO STATIONS WHATEVER 68 RADIO http://www.whatever68radio.com/ STENCH RADIO http://stenchradio.com/ UNDERGROUND SKANKING RADIO http://skankingradio.blogspot.com/ GUTTER PUNK RADIO http://www.gutterpun­kradio.com CORE OF DESTRUCTION RADIO http://www.coreofdestructionradio.com/ PUNK FM http://www.punkfm.co.uk/ A-O-S RADIO http://www.a-o-s.info PODUNK RADIO http://www.podunkradio.com/ ANARCHY OF SOUND http://www.anarchyofsound.d­e V103 ROCK RADIO http://www.v103.net/ REAL PUNK RADIO http://www.realpunkradio.co­m POV RADIO http://www.povradio.com/ RADIO MUTATION http://www.radiomutation.com/ FREE RADIO SANTA CRUZ http://www.freakradio.org/ OPEN FM PUNK RADIO NET http://openfmpunk.radio.net/ ONLINE RADIO STREAMS STREAM FINDER http://streamfinder.com/ TUNEIN ONLINE RADIO http://tunein.com/ WEB RADIO CENTRAL http://www.webradiocentral.com/ ROCK RADIO http://www.rockradio.com/ RADIO TUNA http://radiotuna.com/   Save Continue reading Top 15 Online Punk Rock Radio Stations

Top 50 Alternative Rock Blogs & Websites for Alternative Music Fans

THE PUNX IN SOLIDARITY HARDCORE PUNK BLOG APPRECIATES YOU. View FeedSpot Blog Fan Award Please check in with the P.I.S. blog often, to see the new changes here at the music blog. Grow with us and keep submitting your ideas and projects and remember to share our hardcore blog with your friends and family. http://blog.feedspot.com/alternative_music_blogs/ Email all inquiries to: punxinsolidarity@gmail.com http://www.punxinsolidarity.com Thank You Fans! Source: Top 50 Alternative Rock Blogs & Websites for Alternative Music Fans Continue reading Top 50 Alternative Rock Blogs & Websites for Alternative Music Fans