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RIP Davey Bales

I just found out Davey Bales (an originator of Dark Punk) passed away. This is a total kick in the guts. I came across The Wraith in an article about Dark Punk which is a cross between goth and anarcho punk. This led me down an extreme rabbit hole. I listened to The Wraith’s album album and reviewed it here. Davey was stoked and so gracious that people loved his music. May he dance in darkness with the other lost greats.

– C Fish


So the saga of MGK has been fuckin weird. He’s gone from the flagship of this new and interesting evolution of pop punk to living the full pop punk stereotype, right down to the pedophilia and abusive relationships. I honestly defended the Corey Taylor thing because kill your gods and be free. But now MGK has become shit and trash wrapped in rotting meat. The real question is what the rest of this new scene is gonna do. Yungblud, Travis Barker and the rest of that scene can either distance itself from MGK or risk the entire idea of punk being associated with extreme toxicity. That’s what the mainstream will do and there’s already enough problems in the underground that we already have questions. Click link below to read more.

– C Fish

Punk Politics #73

So spotify and Neil Young had a falling out because spotify wants to keep Joe Rogan. Now, I don’t understand Joe Rogan, but that’s irrelevant. The point is, we in the underground shouldn’t join this fight. This is wealthy people fighting over deplatforming a wealthy person. Punk and ska don’t have the legacy and machine of Neil and other 60’s protest rock. We need our exposure to share with one another and let everyone know they’re not alone. The fight isn’t taking away the trash voices. The answer is in numbers. We listen to spotify, but we obsessively play our stuff. You can even cheat the algorithm by keeping it playing on silent when you can’t listen. We play our music, our podcasts, news we believe in that shares anti corporate values. We need to build the world we want in spite of the hellscape that surrounds us. We support the fuck out of each other to extreme levels.

-C Fish

Mighty Mighty Bosstones RIP

The following is the bands own announcement.

After decades of brotherhood, touring the world and making great records together, we have decided to no longer continue on as a band.
Above all, we want to express our sincere gratitude to every single one of you who have supported us.
We could not have done any of it without you.
Love Always,
The Mighty Mighty BossToneS

For me this is heartbreaking. BossTones were the band that really got me into this whole thing. I got 2 albums in 1998 that changed my life. Bosstones- Let’s Face it and Bad Religion- No Substance. Bosstones led me to the rest of ska and a lot of hardcore. They’ve had a long and amazing career and had to hang up the plaid some time. It still feels like a kick in the balls.

-C Fish

Cold Hart Review

This one is long overdue as Cold Hart came across my desk a couple years ago. Cold Hart gets listed as emo rap. But really, this is LA Death Rock meets trap and the hardness of his home LBC. Long Beach has a storied history in death rock and goth. Starting with the album Good Morning Cruel World fits right into the vein of TSOL with elements of Christian Death and Thursday (an arguably goth band if the Jersey hard core scene. This album features the single Eyes with Rawska. It’s one of my favorite songs of the last 5 years.

His debut album on Epitaph records Every Day is A Day continues on this with some slower and darker sounds reminding me of Joy Division, Cure and The Damned with some dance beat. My 2 top tracks off this are Decompose and Every Day’s A Day

This is dancing in the darkness for the new era. So update the black paint and shades while you play Cold Hart loud and repetitively.

C Fish

Eichlers review

I kept hearing Eichlers mentioned by some of my favorite ska artists and finally paid attention to what was on the corof my desk. So Eichlers is a hyper pop artist. Now, I don’t completely understand that genre, but it sounds good. Eichlers sounds like a drugged out pop punk fever dream and I fuckin love it. There’s elements of trap, digital hardcore and bedroom pop packed with obscure references to older underground music. And right now some boomer punk in a D.I. shirt is asking “how’s this punk?” Well, he makes this music in his room for no fuckin money and is entirely free to get paid via alternative and underground economics. That’s punk as fuck. And now he has created a new genre known as hyper ska. I’m hella here for it and you should be too. This whole scene is achieving the diy dreams we all had in the 9p’s and early 00’s. Check links below to stalk and support Eichlers.

– C Fish

Punk Politics #72

We really should stop lionizing JFK. In fact, fuck ’em all. We need more Dead Kennedys. The problem with Johnny boy is that he’s held up to be a progressive hero which he is not at all. He was president while COINTELPRO was ongoing. The main purpose of this program was to “prevent the rise of a Black messiah”. So JFK was against the cause of black liberation or he would’ve stopped this program. He was deeply anti-communist considering the bay of pigs in Cuba and the disastrous Vietnam War that he continued. And while some people say “ladie’s man” I say sociopathic womanizer. Johnny was no hero of the left. He was the original American Psycho with privileges Bateman only dreamed of.

– C Fish

Punk Politics #71

So we’ve had Biden as president for a year and he felt a need for a 3 hour grandstand to celebrate. Celebrate what? He’s achieved nothing. All he had to fuckin do was be better than Trump and this administration couldn’t achieve that. While Harris was yelling at a black man for insinuating that Manchin is the actual shot caller, Biden and Manchin him were hangin out likely talking about how the coal baron is gonna tank everything even mildly progressive that hits the floor. We’re practically rebooting the cold war and our tough actions at sanctions and proxy wars. Well, the last time we had a proxy war with Russia in another country 9/11 happened 30 something years later. Also, sanctions don’t really work in Russia, they’re all used to living with nothing or less. All the Joey show did was to move the doomsday clock ahead by 2 hours. This limp nothing of an administration has all but guaranteed that the most psychotic ends of the right are gonna take power in November. More and more of the country is interested in progressive policies as we’ve been watching America collapse in real time under the weight of the outdated ways that didn’t really work to begin with.

– C Fish

Punk Politics #70

Ron DeSantis (governor of Florida introduced a bill to make it illegal to discomfort white people through the teaching of Critical Race Theory. Yes, he is fucking criminalizing anti-racism in the most efficient way possible. The best way to stop racism is to kill ignorance with education. Discomforting white should be a default and a life goal. I propose we use social media to pump CRT and antiracism to as many Floridians as possible. Legislation like this is the new face of the Klan. It’s more insidious as it has more power with which to be irresponsible. If we don’t want this fascism to keep spreading and strangling us, we must fight. You cannot sit on the fucking sidelines. If you’re fence walking, you’re one of them. This is a new Jim Crow. Allowing people to learn the truth and decide for themselves is the next step in civil rights. Sitting by during that era was wrong, now it’s unacceptable as there’s no reason to not know better.

– C Fish