Punk Politics #89

As we’re dealing with an increasingly insane political landscape, we need to be unquestionably clear of where we’re at. Voting is great, but voting alone will not change anything. Just about all of the news insists on punching left via their reactions that range from chiding to outrage over intimidation and property damage. At present, the Amerikkka is a broken down home and the politicians are the abusive adults. We the people are the children getting constantly violated and traumatized. The parents believe themselves to be bigger and can do whatever they want and don’t feel a need to see us with any sort of dignity. The ONLY possible way to change this is to show we’re big enough to fight back and we’re no longer going to accept this. This means literally all praxis is on the table. Everything from voting and trolling to more intense street activism is valid and needed. The democrats and Republicans take the fascists seriously because they’re scared. It’s also why there’s a culture war narrative so we don’t turn our attention to who’s actually hurting us. This abuse has been going on since white man first landed here. It only receds when a master or overseer gets what’s coming to them. If the police are gonna ride around LA and do drive by shootings, then we need to make every neighborhood unsafe for cops. You know how they talk about hoods they’re afraid to go into? Politicians should be nervous about public events unless they’re working for the people.

– C Fish

Punk Politics #79

This was from White House Communications director Kate Bedingfield on response to activists essentially shit canning Biden over his speech on Friday. I’ll have a link to my analysis of that shit fire at the bottom of this. “Joe Biden’s goal in responding to Dobbs is not to satisfy some activists who’ve been consistently out of step with the mainstream of the Democratic Party. It’s to deliver help to women who are in danger and assemble a broad-based coalition to defend a woman’s right to choose now, just as he assembled such a coalition to win the 2020 campaign.” “The President has been showing his deep outrage as an American and executing his bold plan- which is the product of months of hard work- ever since the decision was his own.” Wow, y’all got us fucked up! Every single activist platform is what these candidates run on. This isn’t activism, this is fuckng accountability. Women protesting because Biden thumbed his asshole doing fuck all “out of step” with that party. Yet again, why the hell are any of us supporting the DNC. Do we all need therapy to learn about toxic patterns? Remember, you don’t owe abusers anything! And these mainstreamers that treat all us activists the ways shot parents treat “mistake” children which males them the exact same as abuse most of us survived through. I still don’t see where Biden is expressing outrage. The last time Biden had any fight was when he was campaigning for segregationists. This is why the right is winning. They moved in the direction of their base and have straight up coddled their most activist constituents. Absolutely, the policies hurt everyone. But the fact is that GOP constituents feel honesty representated by the monsters they’re voting for. So why is anyone on the left voting for people who clearly despise us?

– C Fish


Punk Politics #78

For everyone who considers themselves any stripe of left, why are we still carrying water for the Democratic party? In the last 2 months they stood by doing fuck all as half our population lost they’re guarantee of complete and adequate health care. Their answer was to vote harder. Then after 2 weeks of criticism over that, they double the fuck down on that trash. I’m entirely for voting as it’s one of the many tools we need to employ to pull this country out of being a dystopian hellscape. But what are even voting for right now? Outside of the squad the rest of them are only getting elected to network with more owner donors. When any progressives call them on it or have ideas, they get slagged. When us voters speak up, we can treated with the same neglect and disdain that our abusive parents gave out like water at a marathon. Pelosi the witch queen who keeps coming outta her children’s bone strewn cave to say that #defundthepolice is a dead slogan. Um no, the elected representative either works for a our tax dollars or they are a parasite. The people who are represented by these corporate mainliners are the exact same coming in and gentrifying all the most desirable parts of my home state. Remember, gentrification is economic eugenics as it prices the poor out of areas. This means that these supposed representatives are at war with us and constantly working to re traumatize those who are most victimized by the Amerikkan scream. So why don’t we all walk away and either build up the Green Wedge or start something new? I’m not sure how we’d reform the DNC unless the neoliberal dinosaurs were to suddenly drop dead. So perhaps we should leave them to their David Duke retirement home where they can count money with the Republicans.

– C Fish

Fuck Stza

Yeah, fuck Stza as a person, a crew, record label and overall organization. So after he abused Whitney of Days N Daze and releasing a fucking still birth of an album. Even by punk standards, Stza is a shit writer. Looking at Morning Glory, we can tell who the good writer was. He’s getting ready to do a Star Fucking Hipsters tour. But where’s Nico? She quit after Stza hit her in the face. Whitney posts calling out Stza and a former friend of hers. This is a sensible thing to do. In response Stza posts this weird shit somehow linking Whitney to Erik Peterson’s passing. Other than the deflection l, there’s the fact that Mischief Brew and Days N Daze weren’t exactly connected. They were still gaining steam of Rogue Taxidermy when Peterson died. This is 2 different eras and region of the folk punk scene. It sucks that Stza’s art has been dramatically important to the underground scene, but he’s gotta go. Ska punk and crust existed before him and Crack Rock Steady will continue exist after him. In conclusion, fuck Stza and fuck anyone who still backs him. Another problem is that Stza’s music is entrenched in the more conscious side of punk and his endless bullshit makes a mockery of the ideas and ethos.

– C Fish

Punk Politics #36

Again a black man in America has been murdered by a white cop. The cop knelt on George Floyd’s neck as he stated “I can’t breathe” and strutted a total Chad look on his face. This amidst countless other cases of the police attacking the black community. I honestly think the cops have a kink for abusing the black community. And to top all this off, some white NBA player went and quoted Dr. King while telling the victimized community they should pray for those who take this perverse pleasure from oppressing them. Nah dude, the time for Dr. King passed in the 60’s with the string off assassinations. I think maybe those who stay black should stay strapped and stop taking it when the pigs get at you. Nothing has changed since they werefurat kidnapped from their ancestral land and trafficked to this stolen land. And dear white people, stop fucking being afraid of black people! It’s racist whether you’re the overtness of the alt-right right or the white liberalism view of telling them not to be uppity and angry. That second option of smiling racism iswhy things are still so bad for the black community. Must be a nice privalage to tell the oppressed how to act in the face of abuse you don’t suffer.

– C Fish

Punk Politics # 29

How to start this off? Fuuuccckkk Joe Biden! Louder for the people in the back, FUCK JOE BIDEN! Vote blue no matter who? What a bunch of fuckin zombie sell outs. So the #meetoo generation is supposed to line up behind the guy who has multiple rape allegations? This crazy fucker sniffs people in public. Now, I’m not one to kink shame typically, but keep it in private qith consenting adults. The black community is supposed to rally around the guy who has called them predators? Come on, this guy probably plans date rapes with Trump over golf and roofies. “But you don’t want Trump to win, do you?” Why the hell not? They’re literally the same. They are the 1% boomer white men parasites that insist on fist fucking the working class and minorities. These are the plantation runners and blind party allegiance is the new field. Why are we the victims of this abuse constantly going to another abuser swearing ‘this one is different”? Y’all got me fucked up. It’s betond tume to burn the Democratic party to the fuckin ground! If we destroy one, we can destroy both. There are alternatives from this status quo groundhog day horror we keep repeating. #punkvoter

– C Fish

Sid Vicious – The Original Hardcore Punk

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