Punk Politics #61

Let’s talk about the Met Gala. This is typically an event where the ultra rich metaphorically jerk each other off in a very public way. Honestly, I don’t know much else about it. AOC’s dress has been the main news. The majority of reaction I’ve seen has been white men mad at brown girl. I think it was fuckin awesome. Here’s why, AOC fuckin knew that this would go viral which increases the conversation about taxing the rich amongst the 99%. She got in for free and the dress was borrowed, plus thus was a total middle finger to the event itself. Yeah, it’s a performative action. That’s part of using the system we’re in. We can’t magically just affect change from the outside, this isn’t some fuckin fantasy novel. Even the most ardent anarchists and socialists know that we have to use the present reality as a tool, if they’re at all intellectually honest. Activism is action, otherwise you’re just a keyboard warrior.

– C Fish