“Keep Yourself Spook Accident Free This Year!”

HAPPY HALLOWEEN You XX-PUNK ROCK DISCIPLES-XX HEY YOU PUNXX! PLEASE CARRY YOURSELF SAFE OUT THERE, ALRIGHT !!! THNXX, Punx In Solidarity Blog Folk X X X X X LIKE US ON FACEBOOK X X X X X https://www.facebook.com/PunxInSolidarity/   Continue reading “Keep Yourself Spook Accident Free This Year!”

Maty’s Corner # 4

Kill Me, I Need The Rest… The Master Of Disaster Duane Peters! Master of Disaster. A junkie, a fuck up, a bum, a legend and man who has had permanent effects on skate boarding and punk rock music.  Most know Duane as either the front man of U.S. Bombs or as a skater.  Many don’t know both and less even know about his importance to skate boarding. But don’t give me blank or worried stares, I’ll introduce ya the spectrum of the Disaster. So in the skate world this nut case invented a number of tricks including the acid drop … Continue reading Maty’s Corner # 4

Maty’s Corner # 3

 Maty’s Corner Issue # 3 Fuck Armageddon… This is Bad Religion Bad Religion, the band that really got me into punk rock when I first bought 1998’s No Substance by pure happen stance.  Bad Religion is into their 34th year of punk rockin’ it.  They started up in 1979 in Los Angeles, CA.  First show was November 11th 1980 in Burbank, CA.  Back when the now widely known Epitaph Records was nothing more than a name and P.O. Box that Mr. Brett put on the album sleeves to say “yeah, we have a label.” Their music has been instrumental in … Continue reading Maty’s Corner # 3

Maty’s Corner # 2

Maty’s Corner Issue # 2 Musings From Maty             What happened to skateboarding? I mean really.  How did we go from a bunch of dangerous half psycho punk rockers to these wanna be gang bangers who don’t respect shit!?!  I got into skate boarding and punk rock when I was 15. I lived in a mountain town with no park. So we made our own stuff to hit and made the surrounding environs suit us!  Man, we had some gnarly bails.  Every scar, break, road rash and abrasion was worth it.  We respected our scene.  We mainlined old punk, cheap … Continue reading Maty’s Corner # 2