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Maty’s Corner #13

Maty’s Corner #13 An Open Letter to Christians and the LGBT Community. Christians; I respect and defend your right to refuse service to whomever you wish. But it is not following Christ to not provide services to someone based on sexual orientation. Jesus was the savior of gays, whores and criminals. To be Christian is to bring people into to Christ by showing unconditional love. Saying that your faith prohibits you from rendering services is a cop out and makes it sound like you don’t like them. Stop refusing to be good people! Also, remember free will, them getting married … Continue reading Maty’s Corner #13

Maty’s Corner #8

Maty’s Corner #8 Misfits Shirts at Wal-Mart?             So I found myself in Wal-Mart at midnight this past weekend.  Never a happy prospect, but sometimes necessary.  Since I was already there I decided to go through the clothing area to see what’s going on.  And something caught my eye, a Misfits shirt.  Yes, it’s an officially licensed real deal, I did check the label. I had a discussion with one of my friends about this. He got in a huff and said “if anything, I’d rather go to Hot Topic.” My y question is what’s the difference between Wally World … Continue reading Maty’s Corner #8