Eichlers- My Checkered Future

Hyper Ska superstar Eichlers has released their debut full length on Bad Time Records. This is the most exciting ska news of 2022 because this is honestly, so sick! If you’ve been paying attention, Ike has been loudly moving in this direction. I’ve been stoked since I heard the New Tone single. I still don’t completely understand hyper pop musically, but Eichlers is fucking awesome. Nickel City is lyrically my stand out track. It just sounds like a love letter for us who’ve been doing this a long time, this is the anthem for the elder rudies, we say stand … Continue reading Eichlers- My Checkered Future

Upcoming Podcast

So, my gnarly homegirl Kels had an idea for a mental health podcast. We’ll be going over CBT and talking about ways to build a better home in yourself without having to rely on the broken mental health system. Episode 1 will premier this Monday. Follow the link below to subscribe. We’re gonna apply full punk fuckin rock DIY system hacks to unfuck the negative cognition that comes from life in a dystopia. We’ll also be doin a regular music and mental health segment. This week or We Are The Union- Self Care C Fish https://youtube.com/channel/UCGx7vUEwxzPohtR5yqANKjQ https://punxinsolidarity.wordpress.com/2022/02/15/we-are-the-union-self-care/ Continue reading Upcoming Podcast

Classic Review: Anti-Flag Underground Network

20 years ago Anti-Flag released Underground Network on Fat Wreck. This album was and still is deeply influential and important to me. I was 18 and had been into punk for about 3 years. I was already deeply political and dissatisfied with most media but this album drove it further. I obsessively read the liner notes and did further studies based on the subject matter. The idea of an underground network existing outside of the mainstream to present information and entertainment is what led to this blog and for me to want to do a political podcast that is now … Continue reading Classic Review: Anti-Flag Underground Network

A punk’s guide to surviving isolation

So Covid 19 martial law got ya down? Here’s some ideas to make your forced quarantine more tolerable. Make music, yeah the tour is on hold, but you can write and record new tunes for your fans to blast loud. Punk things out, yiu can order patches and studs online and create some wearable art ( this is mostly what I’m doing) hell, start making your own patches with paint markers and old denim. Always wanted to become a great punk writer? Go for it, this blog will publish submissions. Finally watch all the great punk documentaries, many of them … Continue reading A punk’s guide to surviving isolation

Presenting Creative Chaos

Good friend mine and gnarly artist Kelly (Creative Chaos) makes coasters for sale. That’s right, you can stop letting your 40 sweat on the table and stop stealing coasters from the Goodwill that probably has your picture on the front door from when ya stole the table. You can do the punk thing and support a DIY artist. And No, this isn’t some hipster trash. Proceeds go to pay life expenses and benefit mental health recovery. Links and pics of these dope table savers below. -C Fish Instagram: @creative_chaosca Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Creative-Chaos-810164955992314/ Continue reading Presenting Creative Chaos

Top 15 Online Punk Rock Radio Stations

Punx In Solidarity Hardcore Punk Rock Radio Stations Update TOP 15 ALTERNATIVE PUNK RADIO STATIONS WHATEVER 68 RADIO http://www.whatever68radio.com/ STENCH RADIO http://stenchradio.com/ UNDERGROUND SKANKING RADIO http://skankingradio.blogspot.com/ GUTTER PUNK RADIO http://www.gutterpun­kradio.com CORE OF DESTRUCTION RADIO http://www.coreofdestructionradio.com/ PUNK FM http://www.punkfm.co.uk/ A-O-S RADIO http://www.a-o-s.info PODUNK RADIO http://www.podunkradio.com/ ANARCHY OF SOUND http://www.anarchyofsound.d­e V103 ROCK RADIO http://www.v103.net/ REAL PUNK RADIO http://www.realpunkradio.co­m POV RADIO http://www.povradio.com/ RADIO MUTATION http://www.radiomutation.com/ FREE RADIO SANTA CRUZ http://www.freakradio.org/ OPEN FM PUNK RADIO NET http://openfmpunk.radio.net/ ONLINE RADIO STREAMS STREAM FINDER http://streamfinder.com/ TUNEIN ONLINE RADIO http://tunein.com/ WEB RADIO CENTRAL http://www.webradiocentral.com/ ROCK RADIO http://www.rockradio.com/ RADIO TUNA http://radiotuna.com/   Save Continue reading Top 15 Online Punk Rock Radio Stations

Keep Nazis out of our scene!

​*IMPORTANT* If you run a website or blog or any sort of FB page that talks about DIY spaces that would be the kind that is at risk of being shut down (THIS INCLUDES YOUR PERSONAL FB i’m looking at all my fb friends rn), please turn all settings to private or even go into black out mode. There is a thread on 4chan filled with anonymous neo nazis looking to expose and turn in DIY spaces to fire marshals. In the wake of the Oakland fire, assess and repair DIY spaces to prevent another tragedy; do not allow neo … Continue reading Keep Nazis out of our scene!