Punk Politics #6

So I keep seeing articles about fentanyl laced cocaine. First pro tip is don’t do coke. But that isn’t really the issue here. So to break it down. Drug dealers and cartels ARE NOT lacing your coke with something that can kill you instantly. Because they are a business and dead customers don’t pay out. “Who then would do this” you may ask. Well, during prohibition our own government was putting poison laced bottles of whiskey on the black market and our own government put crack in the hoods to begin with. So likely it’s our own tax fed parasites … Continue reading Punk Politics #6

Checking In With “OFF!” And Punk Rock Icon Keith Morris!

Keith Morris Punk Rock Legacy Continues In Hardcore Band “OFF!” OFF! Band Front Line Up! OFF!, Lead Singer “Keith Morris” Vocals! OFF!, “Wasted Years” Skateboard Deck! OFF!, “Wasted Years,” Video – Full Album! VISIT OFF! AT THEIR OFFICIAL WEBSITE: http://offofficial.com/ Continue reading Checking In With “OFF!” And Punk Rock Icon Keith Morris!