Circle Jerks & Minor Threat 1981


Circle Jerks Minor Threat 930 Club. 1981

The Misfits


Misfits Flyer

Black Flag Headlines At Fairmont Hall


BF Flyer Frankstien

Black Flag 1981
Black Flag 1981

Minutemen Ranch Gig Flyer!


minutemen-the ranch

Remembering My Adolescents Years!

I Woke Up Today Remembering All The Years Of The Great Adolescents Punk Rock Music! Visit Adolescents Below:

The Adolescents are an American punk rock band formed in 1980 in Fullerton, California. From its earliest days, the band has functioned as a kind of So-Cal punk rock super group, being formed from early members and originals of notable bands such as, ‘Agent Orange’ and ‘Social Distortion’. Those early years prepared them for a successful, long running Adolescents presence that ascended the band into punk rocks hall of fame history books.

Adolescents On Facebook:


Adolescence 1

Adolescence 3

For More Information You Can Wiki Adolescents, HERE:

Going Full Circle With The Circle Jerks!

Circle Jerks Bar


Circle Jerks

Circle Jerks (2)

Circle Jerks Flyer

Circle Jerks Willd In The Streets