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Dead Kennedys Gold Release Discography

The Dead Kennedys Gold Albums And Tracks Review


Dead Kennedys were a hardcore punk rock band, born from San Francisco, California. The underground band also known as simply “DK” made news world wide for nearly a decade.

During the 1980s the band gained a large underground following in the international punk music scene. Their music mixed the more experimental elements of English 1970s punk with the raw energy of the 1980s American hardcore punk sounds. Dead Kennedys’ songs mix the deliberately shocking lyrics of punk rock mixed with a sarcastic left-wing commentary on social and political issues.

Not since the Sex Pistols has the name of a punk rock band made so much public noise. From day one the general public payed close attention to the bands every song and lead vocalist Jello Biafra became a political thorn in every politicians side with harsh lyrics directed at social political topics that were headliners at the time. Dead Kennedys appeared to go after every  issue with hits like Too Drunk To Fuck and then a song directed at the officers of the law with Police Truck.

The band even had sharp opinions towards their own punk rock subculture and the lack of realism of their hardcore values with a direct attack on the Nazi punk genre with the hit song Nazi Punks Fuck Off. This led to many, many fights in the mosh pits of their shows and their popularity continued to grow into the homes of a wide age range and a mixed gender of faithful followers.

Skateboarding took hold of the Dead Kennedys and in every back yard session and at every contest event one could hear familiar sounds of Biafra’ shrieking voice as the skaters made their runs.


From 1978 until 1989 the Dead Kennedys made a major mark in punk rocks history of hardcore bands and they were never short of any controversy. The band received many radio bans and lawsuits from celebrities and politicians, but nothing seemed to phase them, that is until the harsh breakup that ended in court room proceeding’s and continues to this day, after 30 years has gone by.


In 1978, Dead Kennedys made their live debut with a show at the Mabuhay Gardens in San Francisco, California and continued a 10 year run of music progression that spread world wide.
“Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables” is the debut album by the hardcore punk band Dead Kennedys, released initially on Cherry Red Records in the UK in 1980 and eventually through Faulty Products and again in the US (later on Alternative Tentacles label). The best selling and generally the most critically acclaimed album by the Dead Kennedys, “Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables” has become a major staple of American punk rock history.


Here’s a listing of some of Dead Kennedys most famous albums and tracks


1980 Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables

1. Kill the Poor (3:06)
2. Holiday in Cambodia (3:46)
3. Police Truck (2:28)
4. Forward to Death (3:46)
5. When Ya Get Drafted (1:23)
6. In-Sight (1:43)
7. Let’s Lynch the Landlord (2:10)
8. Too Drunk to Fuck (2:42)
9. Drug Me (1:54)
10. The Prey (3:49)
11. Your Emotions (1:19)
12. Chemical Warfare (2:54)
13. California Uber Alles (7:28)
14. I Kill Children (2:02)
15. Stealing Peoples’ Mail (1:33)
16. Funland at the Beach (1:48)
17. Ill in the Head (6:49)
18. Viva Las Vegas (7:01)

1982 The Virgin Demos


1. Government Flu (2:04)
2. Terminal Preppie (1:30)
3. Trust Your Mechanic (2:55)
4. Buzzbomb (2:21)
5. Halloween (3:35)
6. Winnebago Warrior (2:08)
7. Bleed for Me (3:25)
8. I Am the Owl (4:52)
9. Saturday Night Holocaust (8:38)
10. Well Paid Scientist (2:22)
11. Forest Fire (2:23)
12. Riot (5:57)
13. Life Sentence (5:19)
14. Dead End (3:56)
15. Moon Over Marin (4:27)
16. Kepone Factory (1:19)
17. The Prey (3:49)

1982 Plastic Surgery Disaster


1. Government Flu (2:04)
2. Terminal Preppie (1:30)
3. Trust Your Mechanic (2:55)
4. Well Paid Scientist (2:22)
5. Buzzbomb (2:21)
6. Forest Fire (2:23)
7. Halloween (3:35)
8. Winnebego Warrior (2:10)
9. Riot (5:57)
10. Bleed for Me (3:25)
11. I Am the Owl (4:52)
12. Dead End (3:56)
13. Moon Over Marin (4:27)

1985 Frankenchrist


1. Soup Is Good Food (4:18)
2. Hellnation (2:21)
3. This Could Be Anywhere (5:24)
4. A Growing Boy Needs His Lunch (5:50)
5. Chicken Farm (5:06)
6. Jock-O-Rama (4:06)
7. Goons of Hazzard (4:25)
8. M.T.V. – Get Off the Air (3:54)
9. At My Job (3:40)
10. Stars and Stripes of Corruption (6:24)

1986 Bedtime For Democracy


1. Take This Job and Shove It (1:24)
2. Hope With the Jet Set (2:07)
3. Dear Abby (1:09)
4. Rambozo the Clown (2:25)
5. Fleshdunce (1:29)
6. The Great Wall (1:32)
7. Shrink (1:44)
8. Triumph of the Swill (2:17)
9. Macho Insecurity (1:30)
10. I Spy (2:30)
11. Cesspools In Eden (5:56)
12. One Way Ticket To Pluto (1:38)
13. Do the Slag (1:37)
14. A Commercial (1:33)
15. Gone With My Mind (1:43)
16. Anarchy For Sale (1:18)
17. Chickenshit Conformist (5:59)
18. Where Do ya Draw the Line (2:39)
19. Potshot Heard ‘Round The World (2:10)
20. D.M.S.O. (2:09)
21. Lie Detector (3:45)

1988 Plastic Surgery Disaster / In God We Trust


1. Advice From Christmas Past (0:55)
2. Government Flu (2:04)
3. Terminal Preppie (1:30)
4. Trust Your Mechanic (2:55)
5. Well Paid Scientist (2:22)
6. Buzzbomb (2:21)
7. Forest Fire (2:23)
8. Halloween (3:35)
9. Winnebago Warrior (2:08)
10. Riot (5:57)
11. Bleed for Me (3:25)
12. I Am the Owl (4:52)
13. Dead End (3:56)
14. Moon Over Marin (4:27)
15. Religious Vomit (1:04)
16. Moral Majority (1:55)
17. Hyperactive Child (0:37)
18. Kepone Factory (1:19)
19. Dog Bite (1:14)
20. Nazi Punks Fuck Off (1:00)
21. We’ve Got a Bigger Problem Now (4:29)
22. Rawhide (2:13)

-Punk Monday








Maty’s Corner # 6

Maty’s Corner Issue # 6

Skate Rock San Jose- Steve Caballero and The Faction

The first incarnation of The Faction were Steve Caballero, Gavin O’Brien, Craig Bosch, and Russ Wright. This lineup only lasted through a couple of practices when Craig Bosch left to join local punk band The Unaware. Bosch was replaced by Adam Segal who also became the band’s de facto manager.

10434The Faction were a hardcore punk rock band. Pioneers of the skate punk era during the early 1980s many band would follow their after.

Starting on Halloween 1982 out of the streets, pools and ramps of San Jose California was The Faction!  Though they only lasted 3 years to the day Halloween 1985.

10435They would forever set a blueprint for the entire skate punk scene which birthed the Warped tour and X Games.  This wasn’t some bunch of posers, this was music by skaters for skaters.  First off you had Steve “Cab” Caballero on bass then guitar.  That’s right, the Bones Brigade legend and man behind the Vans half cab (a pair of which I’m rocking at the moment) as a founding member of this band.

10433Steve Caballero was known for so many insane air variations and tricks and even has many trick variations named by him.  He’s also set a long standing record for highest air out of a pipe along with being Thrasher’s Skater of The Century.  Though being born with scoliosis he never really suffered from other than a kink in his neck and head position, it has never been evidenced by his career in the legendary Bones Brigade.

7761Along with Steve Caballero you had vocalist Gavin O’Brien who could skate anything and was a heavy hitter in the local punk rock.and growing skate rock scene. Lead singer Gavin O’Brien was also a notable skateboarder, popular at local Winchester Skate Park.

Drummer Craig Bosch has a skateboard trick named after him, called “the Bosch” aka invert to blunt. Pro skater Jeff Kendall would play with The Faction during 1989.
Adam Bomb who was known for crazy high top Vans and being one of the first to do switch tricks.  Rounding out the talent was Bosch who has a trick named after him which is an invert to blunt.

10452The Faction rocked as hard as they skated.  Their music sounded like a fucking bomb going off. I’d imagine their shows felt like one.  The Faction was the real deal for skate punks. An often judgmental scene that will call out a fake from a mile away! They’ve been the soundtrack to many a skate session with their biggest hit “Skate And Destroy” will go down in punk rock history. Faction will continue to be heard in garages and at back yard ramps as long as there are skateboarders.



9066Steve Caballero At Age 16. 30 years earlier than the photo below, amazing!

8754Steve Caballero Front Side Invert At Age 46


10435Their first album, the 7″ Yesterday Is Gone, was released on the band’s label IM Records in 1983. According to the band’s official bio, this generated a bit of resentment in the local punk scene. Some people thought The Faction’s popularity was only due to Steve Caballero’s status outside of the band. This would prove to be untrue, however, after embarking on a small summer tour of California. They quickly discovered that their album had reached a wider audience when they were greeted with much enthusiasm all through out the California large city arenas..

10458The band’s next album, No Hidden Messages, was also released in 1983. The song “Skate And Destroy” became wildly popular as background music at skate parks, pools, ramp sessions, and early skateboard videos. “Skate And Destroy” was also featured on the official soundtrack to Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 4 video game. Proving the band’s staying ability through time, The song has long been considered the official “anthem” for skateboarding and skateboarders everywhere. As the band’s manager, producer, and head of IM Records, Adam went to work booking a national tour in support of No Hidden Messages during 1984. The tour was a success and saw them play the infamous punk club CBGB for the first time.

10460The next album, Dark Room, was released in 1985. The punk sound wasn’t gone but the heavier side of the band was very apparent. As its title suggests, Dark Room indeed had a dark feel to it. Thanks to a generous helping of metal infused punk resounding. Dark Room would be the last album before the band’s breakup. The band played their final show on October 22, 1985 at the Keystone in Palo Alto, California on Halloween.

The band’s final EP, Epitaph, recorded during the summer of 1985, was eventually released in 1986 on Thrash Records. A somewhat thrown together mix of songs, Epitaph does have a couple of standouts. Epitaph would be the last album for 10 years. A three word slogan on the back sleeve would prove quite prophetic, however. The slogan reads, “We’ll Be Back”.”

In 1989, for reasons even unknown to the band, they reunited and played two sold out shows at the Cactus Club in San Jose. Demand for the shows was so high that club owners had to turn away a crowd of approximately 300 waiting outside on the first night. This was after they filled the venue. The shows featured the band’s final lineup minus Adam Segal. Pro skater Jeff Kendall took over Adam’s spot. This reunion spawned a four song demo tape. Two songs, “Looking For You” and “Pet Squirrel”, appeared in the Santa Cruz Skateboards video, “A Reason For Living”. This reunion didn’t last much longer and the band again called things off.

10419The band recorded new material during the early part of the new millennium and four tracks surfaced. “The Whistler” on a split 7″ with J.F.A. released in 2003, “Cut It Out” on another compilation, “Aisle Seat” and “Who The Hell Do You Think You Are?” The last two were never officially released with “Aisle Seat” ending up on the band’s MySpace page. The Faction continued to play in and around California as a foursome.
The final four were Gavin, Cab, Ray, and Keith.

-Maty Almost.