Punk Politics #88

While we’re talking about Texas and Florida trafficking humans across state lines, let’s focus a bit more local on politicians not seeing the poor as human. First off it’s not party restricted. San Francisco has been a known city to just straight ship homeless people somewhere else. They often ended up in Stockton where I lived for a few years. And for those of usnwho’ve lived in LBC and Harbor Area we’re used to groups of homeless people who are often from Orange County and the wealthier parts of LA County. They used to dump them in the Antelope Valley high desert as well. Likely still do. All of this happens to support gentrification which economic eugenics and neo manifestdestiny This cruel fuckery goes through every level because we keep consenting to this cycle of abuse by not demanding better and allowing rich people to make decisions for us. And we all know being housed doesn’t mean anything consideringthey keep us living one emergency away from the streets. Unless you’re in their neighborhoods and golfing at their country clubs, you’re always in the victim role until we turn shit around. We can lift up good people to run for office and vote. Remember, even if you choose armed conflict, you still need a replacement planned out for the system you’re burning down. Let’s show up and show out on every fucking level come mid terms.

– C Fish