Punk Politics #16

Russia, Russia, Russia! So 3 big things involving the ever fascist neighbors across the pond. First, our own military counter intel division has setup to target Russian higher ups and “trolls” from interfering in the 2020 election. That’s a bit coubter to the cry that there was no interference. Second, Russia is creating their own Internet. This is problematic as they can select what their own people can search and see along with making it easier to target dissenters. Also it would likely makeit more difficult to find and call out human rights abuses fron a place famous for such. Third, Russia unveiled a new ICBM that is hypersonic and capable and flying 27 times the speed of sound. This can get through our missle defense system. On the bright side we’ll be dead before we know it has been launched and won’t have to worry much about a nuclear winter.

– C Fish