Yungblud- Weird review

Last week Yungblud’s latest full length dropped. Now, I know that on simply hearing the music that maybe it doesn’t sound at all punk aside from Strawberry Lipstick (total 77 scream out) or the clearly Cure influenced title track. But if you really think about it, this is punk fucking rock. This whole thing is an ideological “fuck you” to this conservative hellscape we’ve been living through the way hard core was during the Reagan administration. Every fucking song means something, it’s not some empty pop shit to be forgotten 10 minutes later. Honestly, it’s something I wish existed when I was 17 and really dealing with the fight between “fuck society” and “loneliness kinda hurts”. My stand out track on this is a tie between God Save Me and Weird. This is the album 2020 needed in a year where we’ve all been forced to hang out with our problems and actually deal with em. No matter how hardcore you are, there’s something on this album to resonate with, so check it out.

– C Fish