Punk Politics #81

Well, Jordan Peterson accidentally made a great point he doesn’t realize. Peterson asked “Are we deranged and a profoundly threatening manner?” Note: I’m likely paraphrasing the quote. I believe the answer to this question is yes and I’ll go into the evidence I used to arrive at this conclusion. First off is the popularity of all these “incel” heroes such as Peterson, Musk and Rogan. Incel isn’t a real thing, women don’t oh you shit ya unfuckable bigots! Further evidence of threatening derangement is the clear and present mainstreaming of white supremacy in modern Amerikkka. Also the fact that the mainline of the DNC is working against us and the mainstream media can’t work fast enough to provide cover while helping to yell at any supposed “radicals”. After he answered his own question, Peterson went into some strange rambling about western derangement. I tried to look that up and couldn’t find anything, so I’m gonna theorize that it’s faux intellectual racist and transphobic bullshit he made up after the strange pause which looked like when dial up internet freezes. At least some of the right is accidentally admitting things are fucked up like when Tucker mentioned that the youth’s lives aren’t gonna get any better. Now if only the mainline politicians and their media apologists would admit that this is intentional and an extinction level event would be preferable to the next election

– C Fish