Punk Politics #101

Below my analysis will be a couple links that go deeper on this. So today a lot of us found out that Noam Chomsky may have fucked kids with Epstein. My extreme supposition comes from how cagey yet proud he is in his responses to being found to have had many secret meetings with Epstein. Still doesn’t sound at all right no matter how any times that statement plays in my head. The fact is that Chomsky is most definitely a pedopologist. Someone please give Amy Goodman a hug because this one fuckin hurts. The real question all of us … Continue reading Punk Politics #101

Punk Politics #78

For everyone who considers themselves any stripe of left, why are we still carrying water for the Democratic party? In the last 2 months they stood by doing fuck all as half our population lost they’re guarantee of complete and adequate health care. Their answer was to vote harder. Then after 2 weeks of criticism over that, they double the fuck down on that trash. I’m entirely for voting as it’s one of the many tools we need to employ to pull this country out of being a dystopian hellscape. But what are even voting for right now? Outside of … Continue reading Punk Politics #78