Not Just Boys Fun

Yeah I’m referencing the 7 Seconds song. But I’m writing a shout to women’s skateboarding. There are some gnarly ones to know like Mimi Knoop, Burnside and Elissa Steamer. So if you’re an old dog and giving back by encouraging young local shredders, give that some stoke to the girls that ya do the boys. If you wanna see women’s skateboarding get more notice and coverage then put pressure on media like Thrashed and Transworld. But also become the media. Blog about it, video and photo it. If someone writes some good stuff on female skateboarding, we will happily publish it. Solidarity is the goal.

D.R.I. Dirty Rotten Imbeciles

DRI Logo

DRI Running

DRI Photo


AFI Horror Punk Legends

AFI Horror 1

AFI GuitaristBy Stuart Sevastos (AFI @ Steel Blue Oval (1/3/2010)) [CC BY 2.0]


AFI Horror 2

AFI PoseRead About A.F.I. Here: And

Sex Pistols Happy Hour!

Pistols Dinner
Johnny Rotten, Sid Vicious and the rest of the sex pistols with never a dull moment.

CLASSIC Sex Pistols Videos Below:

The Sex Pistols Johnny Rotten & Sid Vicious





Dead Kennedys Have Always Been A Favorite!


93 94


Jello Biafra Always Stole The Show. Dead Kenndys All Time Favorite Punk Rock Band!

Straight Edge Legends Minor Threat!

Punk Show

Minor Threat

MInor Threar 1983

Ian MadKaye

Punk Rock Band Minor Threat

Minor Threat Band
Straight Edge Punk Legends “Minor Threat”

Minor Threat3 Minor Threat4

Minor Threat2

Minor Threat 1
Lead Vocalist Ian MacKaye Led HIs Hardcore Band
Minor Threat Into The Punk Rock Hall Of Fame!