Why punk and skate?

I was 15 years old. I was depressed and my home life was shit. I had been sent to a shrink. It was bull shit. I got a skateboard and a Bad Religion album. And for the first time I felt fucking alive. This path has given me head injuries; bad ankles; trashed shoulder; lost nights; strained relationships and all other manner of insanity. I wouldn’t trade any of it. I have friends old and recent that are my fucking family. It is the one thing that has always been. It’s the reason I didn’t open my skin when I … Continue reading Why punk and skate?

Flow, not an art form but a life form. A skateboarder’s understanding 

A few years ago a good friend of mine introduced me to the idea of flow. She is a gnarly poi spinner. I spent much time ruminating on the idea itself. I looked at my board and thought how it applies. Everything started clicking. When you’re style is surf skate you’re flowing with you’re environment being one with everything. When you’re gnarly street skate you’re flowing with you’re own wave length against every object yet with each thing’s unique vibration. You’re mind becomes completely clear with the exception of each executive action in each split second. Flow allows you to … Continue reading Flow, not an art form but a life form. A skateboarder’s understanding 

Jello Biafra For President!

READ Jello Biafra’s Politics Perspective BELOW: Alternative Tentacles I think that people know that [a Dead Kennedys reformation] is out of the question. There was one local fly-by-nigher who offered $100,000 for ten days but I didn’t dignify that call with a reply. The most ridiculous offer of all was from Gene Simmons of KISS calling me up wanting movie rights to Frankenchrist trial (where Biafra defended an H.R. Giger poster included with the record deemed “harmful matter,” on the grounds of free speech, as detailed on his spoken-word album High Priest of Harmful Matter). Meeting Frank Zappa was one … Continue reading Jello Biafra For President!