Maty’s Corner #29 I Wanna War with You! Duane Peters Gun Fight

Maty’s Corner #29

I Wanna War with You!

Duane Peters Gun Fight


            Starting around 2004 outta Long Beach, CA is Duane Peters Gunfight. A currently ongoing band of Duane’s. It’s a straight bad ass blend of punk and dirty rock n’ roll. These guys are a hell of a live act as well. I’ve been fortunate enough to catch them once. Duane is a fucking mad man on the stage, no disappointment.

            2005 Marked Gunfight’s first self titled album. It’s a 9 track boot to the face that reminds punk of what it’s supposed to be about. The best track on this is the opener War With You. From there it barrels through the rest of a wall peeling shit kicker of a listen. I’ve heard some punks bitch about this band… fuck ‘em.

            2009 gave us their most recent release Checkmate. The stand out on this is Spinal Tapped. A song that when I first heard it, I knew I’d dig on for the rest of my life. There’s a bit more rock vibe on tracks like Voodoo Tramp. The feel of this album is fuck on the floor and break shit. Now that you know this band, get the tunes and catch ‘em at live show. I’ll see ya in the pit!



-Maty Almost

Sid Vicious – The Original Hardcore Punk

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Pants Tell No Lies In The Underground

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Rich Monday With A Lengthy Backside Board Slide

Local legend Rich Monday throws down a high speed slide at Modesto banks!


This is a street skating spot that Rich Monday discovered while construction crews were still building it. It has a 5 foot transition wall and a lip at the top worthy of a nice grind, or in this case a long slider. At age 40 Rich Monday shows the youngsters, that some things do get better with age.

“Live To Skate, Or Die Trying!”