“Keep Yourself Spook Accident Free This Year!”

HAPPY HALLOWEEN You XX-PUNK ROCK DISCIPLES-XX HEY YOU PUNXX! PLEASE CARRY YOURSELF SAFE OUT THERE, ALRIGHT !!! THNXX, Punx In Solidarity Blog Folk X X X X X LIKE US ON FACEBOOK X X X X X https://www.facebook.com/PunxInSolidarity/   Continue reading “Keep Yourself Spook Accident Free This Year!”

I’ll Give You The BOOT

POETIC JUSTICE Why do you cunts hate my boots? Boots define a lifestyle called punk rock.Boots speak of a laboring soul who’s tired as fuck. My boots show up to win all my fights.My boots are present under these city nights. An English Anarchist once said in a song.The boots I wear have never been wrong. Why not wear boots like us everyday.Kick the bootless fascist with much to say. These boots are not made for just walking.Sometimes I wear my boots while I’m fucking. Wear boots and live with every ones hate.I’ll be wearing my boots at the pearly … Continue reading I’ll Give You The BOOT