Punk Politics Intro

So we jumped the gun and gave ya the first 2 issues of this new section. As punk is a political movement we’ll be bringing you political issues in an official section. This will be at least once weekly. Some current issues, some old, ALL relevant. At times you’ll hear from my good friend Jilly Bee who was part of the push to start this up. All of us at Punx In Solidarity learned from Joe Strummer and what we learned is we have to fight! Continue reading Punk Politics Intro

390 A New Revolution

So I saw this amazing newish band 390 awhile back and a copy of their album Punk Resurrection made its way across my desk. It’s solid! Their sound is reminiscent of early Vandals. Especially Ronnie X’s voice. They also do interviews on their YouTube and have a couple awesome videos for the tracks Don’t Wanna Be Controlled and I Hate the Government. It’s a perfect shot of old school O.C. punk for this watered down era. These guys are total heroes for the underground. Catch em live and get a copy of this album. And someone snag me a shirt! … Continue reading 390 A New Revolution

A theory on Trump

A theory on Trump’s remarks on immigration. It’s a dog whistle to certain groups. Identity Evropa (white nationalist group behind the tiki torch Nazis) has been distancing themselves from the alt-right and therefore Trump. Which means that likely other white hate groups are doing the same. In other words Trump’s base is jumping ship. So he likely said something this radically offensive knowing full well it would be published and shared as a way of saying “hey guys, I hate like you”. It’s also an adept bit of misdirection as a lot of us missed the expansion of FISA (the … Continue reading A theory on Trump

Welcome to the American Fall

The new Anti-Flag album dropped today. It’s the most stoked I’ve been on a new punk album in years. I saw them live a couple weeks back. The new one is a call to action against the neo-liberal order of the previous 8 years and this alt-right status quo the rose of Trump has given us. Stand out track on this is When The Wall Falls. Anti-Flag wrote a kick ass ska track. This is the album we need now. From us old dogs who may feel a bit jaded to the scared kid that may be gay, trans or … Continue reading Welcome to the American Fall

Top 15 Online Punk Rock Radio Stations

Punx In Solidarity Hardcore Punk Rock Radio Stations Update TOP 15 ALTERNATIVE PUNK RADIO STATIONS WHATEVER 68 RADIO http://www.whatever68radio.com/ STENCH RADIO http://stenchradio.com/ UNDERGROUND SKANKING RADIO http://skankingradio.blogspot.com/ GUTTER PUNK RADIO http://www.gutterpun­kradio.com CORE OF DESTRUCTION RADIO http://www.coreofdestructionradio.com/ PUNK FM http://www.punkfm.co.uk/ A-O-S RADIO http://www.a-o-s.info PODUNK RADIO http://www.podunkradio.com/ ANARCHY OF SOUND http://www.anarchyofsound.d­e V103 ROCK RADIO http://www.v103.net/ REAL PUNK RADIO http://www.realpunkradio.co­m POV RADIO http://www.povradio.com/ RADIO MUTATION http://www.radiomutation.com/ FREE RADIO SANTA CRUZ http://www.freakradio.org/ OPEN FM PUNK RADIO NET http://openfmpunk.radio.net/ ONLINE RADIO STREAMS STREAM FINDER http://streamfinder.com/ TUNEIN ONLINE RADIO http://tunein.com/ WEB RADIO CENTRAL http://www.webradiocentral.com/ ROCK RADIO http://www.rockradio.com/ RADIO TUNA http://radiotuna.com/   Save Continue reading Top 15 Online Punk Rock Radio Stations

Straight Edge Punk Legends Minor Threat

Looking At Minor Threat Minor Threat was the straight edge, hardcore punk band from Washington, D.C. Led by vocalist Ian MacKaye, the band was staunchly independent and fiercely sober. Through their songs, the group rejected drugs and alcohol, espoused anti-establishment politics, and led a call for self-awareness. Every song was fast and sharp, with song a minute or shorter. Over a three year period, Minor Threat released two EPs, one album, and several singles, all of which were popular in the American punk rock underground. Their records and concerts helped spawn straight-edge, an American punk rock lifestyle based on the … Continue reading Straight Edge Punk Legends Minor Threat