Punk Politics #85

In the wake of the mass shooting out of Tennessee where the shooter drove around for hours and killed 4 people the white right hand has taken an interesting twist in the narrative. Typically the fash are falling over themselves to defend guns. This time the shooter was a black male so they’re attacking prison reform. It’s fuckkking institutional racism week in the south. Earlier this week I wrote on Jackson, Mississippi. See link below. Now in Tennessee the apparent answer is that our sociopathic penal system isn’t punitive enough? At a time when ideas like prison abolition and defunding the police are common topics the fearful racists have to be salivating at this. I’ll just about bet the super predator myth and everything else they can role out to scare us into locking away black male bodies. We’re still fighting our way out of this colonizer mindset. The dangerous times we’re presently in are at a clear risk of getting worse. And let’s not forget the president is a very important racist as he named the crime bill after himself that has led the prison industrial complex to its present critical mass.


– C Fish